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4 Tips To Protect Your Motorcycle From Theft
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4 Tips To Protect Your Motorcycle From Theft

According to statistics, it is quite evident that if you own a motorcycle, you eventually will have to face the risk of it being stolen. Records indicate that over 70 bikes are stolen on a daily basis in the UK, while in the US 123 bikes are stolen per day. To avoid facing such a situation, you should be aware of certain simple tips and tricks that can safeguard your bike from being stolen in the first place. Understand the psychology of the thief, he or she will obviously go for the bike that is the easiest to rob. So ensure that you protect your motorcycle to the fullest.

1) Parking Spot

Start by parking your bike in a place that is safe and easily accessible to you. It’s best if you can peep out of your window once in a while and spot it, just to be extra careful. Parking it in a dark and dingy place makes it easier for a robber to steal your motorcycle, so avoid such places.

2) Lock and Chain

Buy a professional motorcycle lock and chain.  I would recommend 14 mm thick, which makes it very hard to break. The regular bicycle chains are fairly easy to break open and should be avoided. Remember, your motorcycle deserves better protection in the first place.

3) Invest in a U-Lock

U-locks are probably the best way to protect and securely lock your bike. Depending on the size of your motorcycle’s tire, you could buy a small, medium, or large U-lock. The U-lock reduces the space for a thief to cut it open and it also makes it more time consuming. Using a U-lock could be a great deterrent when it comes to robbing a motorcycle.

4) Tracking Systems and Alarms

Thanks to the latest technological developments, you can easily track your bike with the help of a GPS tracking system. Having electronic alarm systems in place can also help scare the thieves away and help safeguard your motorcycle!

Follow these tips and avoid the unfortunate event of your motorcycle being stolen.

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