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5 Apparel Pieces to Consider for Riding Safety
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5 Apparel Pieces to Consider for Riding Safety

Smart riding skills increase safety for motorcycle riders and passengers. Riders should obviously make wise judgments on highways, interstates and back roads. But before jumping on a motorcycle and heading for the hills, selecting the correct apparel is a smart choice. The following five apparel pieces should be considered for riding safety.

  1. Boots:  Good tread on boots aid in stability at a red light, especially on wet pavement. Boots diminish the chance of an accidental burn on the lower extremities by the exhaust pipe. Boots support the ankle and add a layer of defense for the feet and lower legs in the event of a crash. Consider steel toe motorcycle boots for maximum protection. 
  2. Gloves:  A natural instinct during a motorcycle accident is to put a hand out to protect the body and face. Gloves will decrease damage to the hands from road burn as the motorcycle skids. Armoured sports bike gloves will protect the fingers, hands, knuckles and wrists in a crash. Gloves also enable the rider to grip the clutch, throttle and handbrake without slipping.
  3. Helmet:  There are 19 states plus the District of Columbia that require all motorcyclists to wear a helmet. However, 28 states in totaly have laws concerning helmets. A helmet is the most important piece of safety gear for a rider. Research proves that helmets reduce or prevent injury to the head and neck in a large percentage of accidents.
  4. Jacket:  A quality motorcycle jacket protects the rider from injury plus the elements. Padding in high impact regions, shield the rider from abrasions and burns. A jacket will guard the rider from windburn and sunburn on a relatively uneventful ride. 
  5. Pants:  Motorcycle pants designed from durable leather or innovative textiles with reinforced armor are created to protect a motorcyclist from road rash. Jeans and shorts do not provide adequate coverage in an accident. Weatherproof construction defends against the elements also.

(Photo courtesy of Doug on His New Ride in His New Gear Uploaded by Craig 1 Black at Flickr’s Creative Commons.)

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  1. Charlotte
    I can't tell you how many people I see wearing jeans and shorts but mostly jeans, and while I knew shorts were dangerous I just did not realize jeans were dangerous. Good info.


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