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5 Essential Mods for New Motorcycles
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5 Essential Mods for New Motorcycles

One of the best moments for a biker is taking a brand new bike home from the showroom. Everyone really loves a brand new bike.  From the smell of fresh rubber to the elation of seeing an odometer with single digits. The feel of an untouched bike is amazing, but it is very important to get it working right before you actually start your journey of throwing some miles on. If you are one who likes to tinker, then modding a bike will be fun for you. Though one is excited to be the owner of the new bike, there are still many things that can annoy you. There is a specific purpose for every mod and it also enhances the visuals of the machine. Here are some of the key modifications that enhance the look and feel of the bike that will suit your personal tastes.

Exhaust System

This is one of the most common and simplest mod that most of the riders prefer. One of the most modified parts of any bike is the exhaust pipes. There are a variety of exhausts that are available nowadays ranging from the one that screams when you twist the throttle and the exhausts that produce rumbling sounds. Every bike seems to be incomplete without the signature sound rip. An exhaust enhances the look of your bike and releases a loud roar that gives every superbike its personality.

Crash Guard and Frame Sliders

Crash guards can be considered as easy add-ons that prevent the bike frame and engine from any damage. They are needed to keep the bike safe during the low-speed falls. One can save a lot of damage with a good aftermarket crash guard. Frame sliders also help to keep the frame away from the ground during a crash and help to protect the fairings from touching the ground.

Suspension Setup

This is one of the most important modifications that you need but is overlooked. Suspensions in a bike are different from suspensions in cars as the ratio of the weight of the bike is much larger as compared to the cars. It is always advised to invest your money to get the suspension setup according to your weight and the way you ride. This involves compression and rebound settings so that they match your style and provides you with comfort.

Fender Eliminator

Stock fenders on most of the bikes look ugly and can ruin the look of the newly purchased bike. Fender Eliminator is one of the most common mods for a brand new motorcycle which allows for relocating or including the stock lights for a cleaner look. It is very important to do some research before choosing the kit for your bike, legality, and their placement varies between the designs of the bike.

Battery Tender

Battery Tender helps to keep your battery last longer and topped off in the peak condition. It is one of the most exciting mods that help the battery from draining out when it is not in use. It is very easy as well as an essential modification which is very rarely used. It is always good to put the tender plug under the passenger seat where it is very easy to access. Also keep a note that you do not hear the dreaded click when you are ready to start.

It is always good to consult an expert while making some essential modifications on your bike. This will surely help you to enhance the feel of your bike as per your requirement and taste.

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