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The 5 Most Useful Apps to Map Your Bike Route
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The 5 Most Useful Apps to Map Your Bike Route

With the recent introduction of different mobile applications, cycling has become more accessible. Besides the improved cycling paths and bike share services, there are plenty of cycling apps that you can use to measure elevation, speed, and distance, as well as track your route on the map. Most of these apps are also linked with social media to enable you to compare or compete with friends in real time. 


MapMyRide is one of the original cycling apps and it has almost all of the possible features that can help you to map your bike route. Its design is easy to use and clean. Besides being able to choose any route from the 120 million routes available, you can also create your own route. The app records elevation, speed, distance, and detailed information about the route. You can upload all of this information onto the MapMyRide site and share it with others if you like.

In addition to the mapping tools, MapMyRide has timed sections where you can set your fastest time.


This comprehensive app uses the GPS functions of iPad and iPhone devices to enable users to track a wide range of activities such as walking/running, cycling, skating, and skiing-- among others. During the ride, Cyclemeter measures the distance, time, speed, elevation, and location. This app also includes built-in audio announcements so that you aren't tempted to take your eyes off the road to check on how you are doing. In addition to the above features, Cyclemeter organizes the data in a variety of statistics, graphs, and maps and you can upload the recorded data onto sites such as Strava and other cycling share sites.

Bike Hub

Bike Hub finds the quickest and quietest biking route from your selected start and finishing points using the permitted road and cycle paths. For your safety, it uses voice directions to alert you of sudden shortcuts and upcoming turns, and it will help you avoid hills as much as possible. The Bike Hub app also has a function that allows you to look for the nearest bike shops in your area.


Available on Windows phone, Android, and iOS, BikeMap has about 900,000 biking routes all over the world. This app works by allowing you to choose the distance of trail, enter information about the bike you will use, and input kind of road you want to take. After entering the details, the program will show you the routes that comply with your details and after you get the route you are looking for, you can tap to zoom in, in order to know exactly where you are going. The app is German-based, which means that English speakers once had to translate the language in order to understand it. Initially, the app had a translation problem, but this has been corrected with the second version.


The BikeBrain cycling app is ideal for bikers looking for a heart rate monitoring app, GPS mapping, and training mode features alongside an in-app picture uploading feature. This one automatically saves your previous biking routes and optimizes battery power. It's only available on iOS, but it is an incredibly credible and consistent app.

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