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5 Quick Steps to clean a Spark Plug
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5 Quick Steps to clean a Spark Plug

Worn spark plugs can be considered as the main cause of hard starting. For the proper functioning of the internal combustion engine, spark plug plays a very vital role. Spark plugs are the hardest working part in your bike and can be considered as a life source in an engine. It provides with the spark which helps to ignite the mixture of fuel and air. Spark plugs can be considered little workers which are working non-stop from the moment when the engine is started. They are responsible for performing several key functions such as acceleration, idling, fuel consumption and power. The spark plug will not work properly if the dirt collects inside it and make sputtering noises. Hence it is very important to clean the fouled spark plug for the proper functioning of your bike.

When to check Spark plug:

Every 26 hours of use

Once a season

What will you need:


Gloves/ Glasses


Ratchet wrench

Bench vise



Step 1) Firstly remove the spark plug using a ratchet wrench. It is advised to put on the safety gear which includes safety gloves and glasses. Disconnect all the spark plug cables. Clean the dirt around the plug that will avoid any debris to get into the combustion chamber.

Step 2) Remove the carbon build up around the electrode using the wire brush. It is advised to scrub the spark plug with the sandpaper and wire brush until the plug is clean and shiny. Slide the sandpaper between the electrode and insulator to clear out the dirt. Remove the sanded areas with a burst of air from yourself or air hose.

Step 3) Now inspect the spark plug for electrodes that have been burned away, cracked porcelain or any stubborn deposits. If any of these situation exists then it is advised to change the spark plug.

Step 4) Spray the spark plug with a solvent. This solvent will penetrate the debris that will make the spark plug easier to clean. Make use of a brush to scrub the metal threads and spray the solvent on the spark plug again. Repeat the same process many times to remove as much dirt as possible from the threads as well as the contact point.

Step 5) When the dirt is completely removed then you can buff the spark plug. Use a rag or a piece of clean cloth to wipe off any cleaner residue. Rub the metal of the plug until it is dry and clean it with a cloth again. When you are completely satisfied then reinsert the spark plugs and all the wires.

Following these simple steps, one can clean the Spark plug easily. If after cleaning, the plug shows unusual signs of wear then it is advised to replace the spark plug.

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