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500-mile Range Electric Sport Bike?
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500-mile Range Electric Sport Bike?

If you were told that a 500-mile range electric sport bike was possible, would you believe it? What was once thought to be impossible is now becoming a great possibility, and is slated to be released sooner rather than later.

The Motorized Impossibility Becomes a Reality

The president of Battery Innovation Center has worked hard with his company to create something that is truly a marvel. When asked to comment he had the following to say:

“We have worked with multiple companies, one being Lightning Motorcycles, to match them up with some of the best energy storage makers that are cutting-edge. This allows for things such as the 500-mile motorcycle ride to become possible. We are certain that with the technology we currently have to work with, the ride will be entirely achievable soon enough.”

Richard Hatfield, the Head of Lightning Motorcycles, said in an interview with media about this impossibility brought to life that the Lightning Motorcycle’s collaboration with Indiana’s Battery Innovation Center has many such goals more than achievable.

Men and women from the Battery Innovation Center have been working with multiple government agencies and automakers alike in order to aid in the developing, testing, and commercializing of batteries at a faster pace. They ensure that, in this case, the batteries are not only safe and reliable but lightweight enough to achieve the 500-mile goal easily.

How it Came to Be

The motor industry has been moving towards more green options following the public to demand to do so over the last decade or so. Because electric mobility has a more general focus nowadays, achieving such a goal is definitely possible and is already in the process of becoming ready to be released onto the street.

Last year, Terra and Tork Motorcycles proudly debuted their electric bikes. Lightning Motorcycle has effectively stolen such spotlight, however, considering what they are currently doing and effectively achieving.

When asked to comment on the current progress that they have made, what we can expect, etc., Hatfield had this to say:

“We generally see ourselves as the followers in the footsteps of the great Tesla. We have dreams of accomplishing the San Francisco to Los Angeles Run, which would show the overall range and how general range anxiety is soon to be a thing of the very late past.”

Nikola Tesla, however, holds the current record for the longest electric range where commercially available vehicles are concerned. His record holds at 315 miles of range through the Environmental Protection Agency, or the EPA, with Tesla bringing the Model S for the given range of the EPA.

However, Lightning Motorcycles have recently tested their electric sports bike between such a run, between San Francisco to Los Angeles, and have completed the 500-mile ride within a single charge, beating Tesla’s record.

What We Can Expect for the Future

Though experts believed that sourcing these types of batteries in generating power similar to a petrol engine would prove to be difficult, we should expect these bikes to hit the streets very soon.

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