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6 Easy Steps For Changing Out Your Chain and Sprockets
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6 Easy Steps For Changing Out Your Chain and Sprockets

One of the best ways to boost the performance of your bike is by changing out the chain and sprockets of the bike. If the chain requires frequent adjustment and lubrication then it needs to be replaced. It is important to replace the sprockets at the time when you change the chain. If a new chain is run on worn sprockets then it will cause a massive damage and you will have to replace the chain again. Before you actually begin with this job, make sure you are familiar with the advanced techniques of refitting the chain rivet link and also have advanced tools to perform this task.  Depending on the larger or smaller front sprocket tooth, it will give you less or more acceleration respectively. Fitting a smaller back sprocket will give less acceleration and larger will increase the acceleration.

Step 1: The first thing that you need to do is to place the bike on a paddock stand and remove the countershaft sprocket nut. It is advised to lock the rear wheel by placing a wooden dowel through the swingarm, otherwise, the sprocket will just spin and make it difficult to remove the sprocket nut. Keep a check on the position of the splined boss before you remove it and then remove the front sprocket cover.

Step 2: In order to break the chain, make use of the big pin to push out one of the rivets. This can be done by using a chain tool if the rivets are difficult to break then you can use a rotary tool that will grind off the head of the rivet. One can put the pin into the chain tool and tighten it and once it is done the chain will come apart and can be removed very easily.

Step 3: Now remove the nuts that are holding the sprockets by taking off the rear wheel. Begin by installing a new front sprocket and make sure that it is going on the right way to the proper chain alignment. Once you are done with it then spin the nut of the sprocket into place and put the rear wheel back to the position.

Step 4: Begin installing the new rear sprocket by installing the sprocket nuts. Make sure that you torque them down in a star pattern and the sprocket goes on properly. Once you check the torque specs then put the rear wheel back to the position.

Step 5: Clean the chain with solvents and rags and wrap it around the sprocket. The old chain can be pulled from the front sprocket until the new one is around both sprockets. With the help of the riveting tool, join the new chain.

Step 6: Fit the front sprocket and the tab washer nut and make sure that all the bolts that you removed during the process are secure. Your job is done!

Now you should be ready and geared up to take your bike out for a ride!

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