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6 Things the Right Motorcycle Gloves Can Do to Enhance Your Riding Experience
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6 Things the Right Motorcycle Gloves Can Do to Enhance Your Riding Experience

Who doesn't love the adrenaline rush of a great ride? But there are flip sides for riders who ride longer distances. You may experience hand numbness, or slippery/moist palms-- all of it very uncomfortable. No one wants to suffer on a long haul. 

The right pair of gloves can seriously help to enhance your journey. Before you snag your next pair of grips, pay attention to these 6 key components of a great glove.

Pay attention to the mesh

The mesh used inside your gloves both provides breathability and protects your knuckles in particular. Palm and finger areas should be constructed in a way that provides you with a soft and supple touch. Good elasticity is an important associated element of the gloves that helps to prevent abrasions.


Your gloves should have a solid flexibility that aids you in breaking easily and quickly. Leather is awesome once it's loose. It can help to enhance flexibility and provide awesome protection. Gloves come mostly in perforated and non-perforated form. Choose accordingly, depending on your needs. 

Enhance your grip

For enhanced grip and comfort, check your padding. Rubber is generally added in between layers, to provide extra grip when your hands sweat. Airy mesh helps to dry the sweat and is recommended on hot days. The cuff should be extendable for comfort during cold weather.

Prevent numbness and create warmth

Winters can literally be a pain without the right gloves. Numbness is often experienced when there is extremely cold weather. For winter riding, get gloves with awesome insulation technology to block winds. These will be made with wind and waterproof features and cuffs that extend over  the wrist. 

Titanium specific resistance

Titanium is sometimes added to the knuckle areas of a glove to help you hold back the bike more effortlessly. Titanium can provide extra grip and help you control the speed of your bike. Resistance power is increased subsequently when you increase speed. Carbon composites are attached in the form of fiber. It helps.

Airy features

The wetness of winters combined with sweaty palms can cause issues you don't want. Ventilation is necessary. Get airy, dry gloves made with dual sections of compartments. These are often made with hard exterior plastic and super soft fabric lining.

A good grip is key. Choose the pair of gloves that most perfectly suits your hands and weather conditions. Stay safe and comfortable out there, and have a great ride!

Image Source: mirror.co.uk

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