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8 Expert Tips While Planning a Long Distance Journey on Motorcycle
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8 Expert Tips While Planning a Long Distance Journey on Motorcycle

A breath of fresh air on your face and an adrenaline thumping adventure is something that every motorcycle lover has in common. Motorcyclists love to travel and planning a long distance travel plan gives them a high. So if you love your two-wheels, then it’s time for some ‘vroom’ as you plan your next long-distance trip.

Here are some handy tips to keep in mind while planning the long overhaul.

Find the best motorcycle

Most people embarking on long distance bike tours usually have touring bikes. But it is not necessary to have one and your regular adventure or sport motorcycle can also offer you a wholesome experience over the long trip. While a 750 cc if gas efficient for budget-friendly ones, the 1100cc can cover better distances at a good speed.

Riding Style needs to be considered

As your travel entirely depends on the choice of motorcycle, it is imperative to keep the riding style in mind while deciding on the bike. A bike that is heavier and has a big displacement engine is better while riding interstate. It is a good bet especially considering the other traffic on the road and strong currents of wind.

Comfort settings for seat

As you need to spend long hours on your bike, it is essential to have full knowledge on the types of foot placement pegs, seats and fairings. It is important that there is enough space to move the leg, reposition the feet, change saddle position and other movements that will ensure comfort while riding long distance.

Learn basic repairs

One very important part of preparing for a long trip is to learn small repairs like a flat tyre, battery fuse, chain, brakes tightening, air filter cleaning and others. If long distance travel is on your mind, take a repair class from a mechanic to learn the basics as you may not find one everywhere you go. Having knowledge will only be a plus point.

Accessorize well - Windshields and earplugs

When travelling long distances on motorcycles, you also need to accessorize your bike with a windshield that will come to aid during extreme weather conditions. Let safety be the main parameter while selecting one. Also, get good quality ear plugs for better comfort as you are going to be on the road most of the time.

 Safety is essential – get a crash helmet

Remember that the safety is an important concern and you need to get a crash helmet of a good brand. Go for a helmet that fits well and allows air passage.

Prepare an itinerary

Long distance travel on the motorcycle is incomplete without proper planning. Prepare an itinerary to get the best experience out of the journey. Distances and time are an important consideration that you need to keep in mind while preparing the itinerary.

Preparation for riding long distances

Before planning a long distance trip, you need to get ready for the same. You need to start riding long stretches and build up the riding stamina by increasing the mileage with every ride of yours. Try to achieve a 10 hour riding routine to be fully prepared for the journey by bike.

Follow these 8 essentials and you will never have to worry while traveling long distances on your motorcycle to satisfy your wanderlust.

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