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The Must-Have Pre-Ride Checklist
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The Must-Have Pre-Ride Checklist

In order to ensure a safety ride for the riders, it is very important to examine the bike when you decide to go out for the ride. Before you get on the bike to hit the road, it is advised to keep a check on the pre-ride checklist items. It will hardly take few minutes to inspect the bike to detect some minor issues that might turn into a major one if neglected. There are many bike enthusiasts who avoid or skip the pre-ride check of their bike. Many bike owners think that it is not important to do the same check every time and even they are too lazy to perform the same task over and over.

Checking the bike before every ride can be considered as a very useful practice. Bikes have become so reliable for the riders that they can even be taken for granted. There are times when the simplest thing can ruin a great ride or experience. Avoid assuming that everything is perfect and there is nothing to worry about the failure of the bike during the ride. The reality is that if you utilize some time to check over your bike then it can prevent expensive repairs, breakdowns and even improve the quality and experience of the ride.

It is very simple and easy to perform the basic safety checks for your bike if you have the right tools. This will help you to understand how your machine works and help you to have a better understanding. It will just take few seconds to perform the pre-ride check if it is done on the regular basis. Even the pilots perform a quick inspection of their aircraft when they are ready to fly. It is advised to get into a routine of some pre-ride checklist during the bike inspection. This will even avoid to get stranded in the middle of the road and prevent major accidents.

Tires: It is very important to examine the tires properly as it can cause serious accidents if not checked properly. It is advised to check if the tires are inflated properly that can affect fuel consumption and cause tire failure. Also, keep a check on any pointed objects that can cause loss of air during the ride. Hence it is very important to check if the tires are in the good condition as tire blowout can cause some serious accidents without any warning.

Brakes: Checking the brakes of the bike can be considered as a very wise step that makes your ride safe and secure. Give a quick glance on the back and front brake pads to make sure that they are hitting the rims properly. It is also very important to check the brake line junctions regularly. The best way to check the brakes is by riding the bike on the street slowly and then squeeze your brake levers. Check the brakes slowly before you gain high speed on the highway.

Wiring and Light: Give a quick glance at the taillight and check if it turns on well without any problem. Also look at the missing clips, chafing insulation as well as the broken wire looms. If there is any problem with them then it is advised to change it immediately. Check all the lights and headlight of the bike for any errors. Check the lights on the bike when you are about to travel during the night and also make sure that they are fully bright.

Suspension System: Suspension system plays a very important role in keeping the bike on the road when traveling over wet roads or over bumps. It is also important to check for any oil leaks. It also allows you to give full control over steering which ensures a secure and comfortable ride without any issues.  

Stands: It is very important to check the kickstands of the bike and check whether it can support the weight of the bike. Also, check for any bends or kinks in the metal. It should move freely without any issues or resistance. The stand of the bike should not get down on its own when you are riding the bike. Make sure that the center stand of the bike is also working properly and able to support the weight of the bike.

Mirrors: Look at the mirrors of the bike and check for any fading, cracks, joints and loose mounts. A rider should be able to see clearly in the mirror and should be able to spot any vehicle that is coming from behind. Replace the mirrors if they are cracked or dirty. Adjust the mirrors correctly before you start riding.  

Fluids: The engine and overall performance of the bike depends on the oil level. It is advised to check the oil level when the engine is on a center stand and warm. Also keep a check on the fuel valves, lines, and carbs. It is very important to maintain and keep a check on the oil level in the engine. The best way to check the condition of the oil and oil level is by ‘Dipstick’ method. If the stick consists of black substances then change the fluid as soon as possible.

There are many things to inspect before heading out for a long ride. Safety should be the first priority for any rider that will reduce any costly repairs and avoid breakdown of the bike and rider will enjoy riding his bike with great enthusiasm. Also, keep a check on the protective wear or boots and helmets that will impact the riding abilities of the rider.

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