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A Ride into the Guinness
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A Ride into the Guinness

There are many people in this world who yearn to do something notable with their lives. Many of these want their names written in the history books and remembered for the years to come. One way of achieving this is to set a Guinness World Record.

Whether the record you set is based on the fact that it’s simply so unusual that no one has ever done it or it is to show your true passion and to be an inspiration for others, making it into the Guinness Book of World Records ensures that people will get to know about who you are.

A Psychology Graduate with a Message

Gaurav Siddharth, a 23-year-old with a psychology degree, belongs to the Indian city of Lucknow. He set out from his hometown last year on September 17, in order to set a record for the longest bike ride taken within one country. His goal is to ride into the Guinness World so that he can tell people his message of road safety.

Gaurav has set a target of traveling 120,000 kilometers around India for himself. During the first four legs of his ride, he has racked up an impressive 79,000 kilometers, surpassing the existing record set by Danell Lynn. What this means is that Gaurav has already succeeded in completing his ride into the Guinness World.

Promoting his Home Country

During his journey, Gaurav has decided to visit all the 29 states of India. He has travelled very far already, and has written blogs about the things he has experienced so far. From the members of the Ramnami tribe, who are famous for taking a stand when they were denied entry into temples by tattooing Rama’s name on their bodies, to the Bullet motorcycle which is worshipped at the Bullet Baba temple, Gaurav’s stories have shown people the lesser-known sides of India.

Gaurav has also made sure that most of his travel gear is made in India. From his helmet and gloves to his bike, most of the products he is using for this ride into the Guinness world have been made locally in India.

A Message in Road Safety

Gaurav’s ride around India is not only for him to be remembered around the world, but also to spread awareness among the youth of the country regarding road safety. Traveling for such a long time on a motorcycle around his home country, he wants to show people the right way of being safe on the road. He uses all the necessary protection gear, including a helmet, gloves, jackets, and GPS.

Gaurav is also not oblivious to the fact that he is leaving a trail of pollution wherever he goes. Therefore, he has decided to play his part in environmental restoration after completing his journey.

People like Gaurav are an inspiration to many. Through his journey, he is not only making his country proud but is also spreading a message. These are the kind of people who make it their mission to set a Guinness World Record, not for sheer fame, but in order to achieve something greater.

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