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Adding Acid to Your Motorcycle Batteries
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Adding Acid to Your Motorcycle Batteries

There are many motorcycle batteries that are sold in the market as “dry charge” batteries, which means the battery is not pre-filled with battery acid, it requires the pouring of the acid electrolyte into the battery before using it. In most cases, the battery electrolyte is pre-mixed to the proper acid and water ratio. After the acid is added to the battery, the battery needs to be charged before use. This article aims to provide you with a guideline on how to add acid to your motorcycle’s battery.

Follow these instructions, and you are well on your way!

1) Prep the area:

Before you begin, make sure you have a dry and clean well-ventilated area to work in. All the instructions provided by the manufacturer should be read. You must put on safety gloves, goggles. You need to be very careful in handling the electrolyte because it is composed of sulphuric acid. Don't panic if you get acid on yourself, just quickly wash it with water. During this process avoid touching your eyes and mouth, especially if the acid is on your hand. Batteries can deliver a high current discharge. Therefore removing your jewelry or metal objects from your body before initiating this process is very much necessary.

2) Stay precise:

The protective seal covering the battery cells should be removed and the electrolyte solution should be unwrapped by using scissors. The cap on the canisters should be removed carefully and should be set aside because this is the cap of the battery cells. The seals of the electrolyte canisters should not be punctured or removed.

3) Lastly, for safety:

You need to align the canister tubes with their corresponding cells carefully. The seals will puncture automatically, then, keep the canister in an upright position and apply downward pressure gently, add more pressure slowly until all the seals get punctured. The canister needs to be self-supported and evenly. The solution will start to dispense in the cell immediately. You will notice air bubbles in the tube as it empties. Avoid shaking the canisters. You might need to rock the canister back and forth gently so that all the solution can be dispensed.

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