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Airfield Opens Up to Keep Army Riders Safe
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Airfield Opens Up to Keep Army Riders Safe

An exciting new initiative has been developed in order to lower the amount of accidents and fatalities among army motorcycle riders. The Sherman Army Airfield at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas has been opened up for the free use of motor bikes by service members, with a good array of professionally-organized courses and classes on offer. The various classes provided by instructors at Fort Leavenworth are meant to help riders drive more safely and cut out any bad habits they might have developed over the years.

Dan Matt, one of the instructors teaching for this initiative, claims that people can get away with driving badly every now and then but, to be a truly safe rider, people need to drive the right way 100% of the time. This notion is what the Fort Leavenworth motorcycle school is aiming to instill in its participants through a wide selection of courses and classes that can help riders with every aspect of their driving skills. These courses are entirely free and will hopefully help save lives in the future. Naturally, any riders looking to enter the facility will need to be in possession of a Motorcycle Safety Foundation card.

The airfield itself offers all the space that riders and instructors could ever need, according to Chuck Phillips, one of the safety specialists involved. The first group to enjoy the facility took part in a Basic Rider Course II, a course that needs to be completed by army riders every five years. The facility is also home to a classroom for theoretical driving safety studies. In this classroom, riders are taught about the various hazards on the road and how best to deal with them on a case by case basis.

Before heading out for a ride, specialists take a close look at every rider’s bike to ensure that the vehicle meets regulations. All parts of the motorcycle are thoroughly investigated to ensure that the rider and those around them will be kept safe. Once the check has been completed, riders are allowed to climb aboard and are encouraged to perform various skillful techniques that they might need to utilize during their careers. For instance, riders will have to perform emergency stops, navigate cone-littered paths, and try to make narrow turns without crossing over a line. Along with these techniques, riders also review the basics of driving like acceleration, braking and handlebar usage.

The response to the new classes at the airfield has been very positive, with riders enjoying the wide open space provided by the airfield along with the instructional classes. Hopefully, with these courses in place, fatalities caused by motorcycle-related incidents amongst military personnel will gradually decline and many more lives will be saved. Road safety is an important issue that everyone needs to be aware of, so it’s important that the armed forces are taking this matter seriously and making strides to keep the brave servicemen and women of the nation safe.

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