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Autonomous Motorcycles of the Future
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Autonomous Motorcycles of the Future

Ask any rider and he will tell you that riding motorcycles is not just cool but it makes commuting a lot easier and fun. And just like cars, the models and price vary drastically for motorbikes too. However, are the two-wheelers only good for convenient commutes and thrilling road trips? Will they ever be autonomous just like cars? Is there any need of such mode of transportations in the future?

Read below to learn what is on the horizon: 

Charles Bombardier, a Canadian based engineer, investor and inventor along with Indian designer Ashish Thulkar have created an autonomous motorcycle. For many, the idea of a self-driven motorcycle may sound pointless and of course, the riders also object for taking the thrill out of riding the wheelie. But not for the talented duo!

Named as the Cyclotron, the new invention is specifically designed for those who use cars to go back and forth from work. The aim of the new Cyclotron is not to deprive the riders from the thrill that they get from cruising around but to minimize the growing traffic and provide convenience to frequent travelers.

According to an article penned by Charles Bombardier himself, the autonomous motorcycle is the need of the future. Although, their new invention might not require human assistance, it has the ability to work around the clock and in any weather condition. Furthermore, the Cyclotron won’t run on the usual petrol but will use the electrical medium.

The motorcycle is designed for two passengers who can sit facing each other in a covered car. Electricity will be provided to both the wheels through an electrical motor which is ensured to work in any season and surface. The makers are also anticipating a wireless battery system among other features in the future.

As we all know, traditional motorbikes are not very stable and riders carry a huge risk of falling, along with their rides. This results not only in minor to major injuries but also fatalities. However, the stability issue is somewhat fixed in the new Cyclotron. A gyroscopic system which is commonly used in aircrafts to keep it upright is used in the making of the motorcycle. With the help of the gyroscopic system, the riders can be assured that their “wheels” will stay upright at all times – even when the self-driven motorcycle is completely stopped.

The concept derived by this duo sounds pretty impressive. And, while we don’t know if the autonomous motorcycles of the future will hit the road anytime soon, let’s enjoy the motorcycles of our times.

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