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Avoid These 7 Stupid Mistakes on Your Motorcycle
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Avoid These 7 Stupid Mistakes on Your Motorcycle

Motorcycles can be dangerous if you don’t play it safe. Driving any motor vehicle has an element of danger associated with the way you drive. Therefore, when you ride your motorcycle there is no room for stupidity and mistakes. The next time you hop on your motorcycle please consider these common blunders. Pay close attention to the road and follow all the rules; your safety and the person riding with you depend on it.

  1. Speeding: Many young motorcycle riders love to show off their new bike by speeding up and down the street. Unfortunately, this can lead to many legal problems. Once you are ticketed for speeding on your motorcycle, your insurance premiums rise and you are faced with a heavy fine. Furthermore, when you speed on your motorcycle you have less time to react to dangerous situations. This may lead to an accident and many heavy fines. Play it safe and don’t speed. Follow the rules of the road and avoid an accident.
  2. Paying Attention to the Road: It is so easy to get distracted on a motorcycle. You see one of your friends and turn your head. In that split second, you can have an accident. When you ride your motorcycle it is necessary that you keep your eyes on the road at all times and focus your attention to your surrounding. This helps avoid hazardous situations.
  3. Not Being Visible to Other Motorists: When riding a motorcycle it is necessary that you stay visible to motorists around you on the road. We all know how easy it is on a bike to bypass a traffic jam. However, the way we do this is important. There is a way to move around cars and stay visible. Furthermore, when riding your motorcycle on a freeway, it is necessary to remain in the sight of other motorists. Wearing highly visible clothing when you ride your motorcycle helps other motorists see you on the road. Furthermore, it is your responsibility to catch the eye of other motorists so they know you are there.
  4. Ride With People You Don't Know: Everyone loves to take a group ride now and then. However, if you don’t feel comfortable or trust members of the group, this can be dangerous. If you plan to join a group ride, make sure you have complete trust in all the members of your group and that they trust in you.
  5. Failing to Improve Your Skills: If you own a motorcycle, it is important that you continue to work on your skills. You can’t just keep riding your bike and never work on your riding skills. It is important to take a few riding and safety classes every now and again that will help improve your riding skills.
  6. Only Wearing a Helmet: Riding your motorcycle with only a helmet and no other protective gear is plan stupid and dangerous. You never know what will happen when you ride your bike. Therefore, before starting your motorcycle make sure you are dressed for the occasion.
  7. Never Wearing a Helmet: This is one of the most unintelligent mistakes a motorcyclists can make. Just a small accident can put you in a coma if you don't wear protective gear for your head. Furthermore, it is against the law in many states to ride a motorcycle without a helmet. For your safety and your freedom, protect your head and wear a helmet.


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