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BMW Goes Cool with Electric
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BMW Goes Cool with Electric

One of the world’s leading automobile and motorcycle manufacturers, the German company BMW, has just revealed one of its latest releases: a beautifully-crafted electric motorcycle. The bike itself is currently known as the BMW eRR, with eRR standing for electric racing replica. The fact that yet another globally-recognized car and bike company is showing signs of heavily investing in the electric vehicle industry just shows how much the automobile industry is changing as the years go by. This new bike looks great and will surely have some impressive technical specifications. It’s therefore easy to imagine that the BMR eRR could be the first in a long line of incredible electric vehicles from the Munich-headquartered company.

The vehicle was developed by a combination of teams working together from BMW and the Technical University of Munich. Some of the brightest minds in the business joined together to develop this motorcycle and the result is particularly impressive. The development team used the preexisting BMW S1000RR motorcycle as inspiration for this new creation. Indeed, the eRR bears many similarities in appearance to the S1000RR. For now, the technical details of the vehicle remain a mystery but experts estimate that the new bike will be able to match the S1000RR in many ways. That bike has 198hp at 13,500rpm and 83ft-lbs of torque at 10,500rpm. It also has a very impressive acceleration rate, needing just 3.1 seconds to go from 0 to 60mph.

Interestingly enough, only one BMW motorbike has a better acceleration rate than the S1000RR: the European exclusive, electric, BMW C-Evolution maxi-scooter. Since that bike is powered by an electric motor, it bodes well for the possibilities of the eRR. Only time will tell how powerful this new vehicle truly is, but motorcycle enthusiasts certainly have plenty of reasons to be excited for the future. The new machine also has a sleeker look than the classic S1000RR. With its traditional internal combustion engine, the original model is still beautiful but slightly bulkier than its young sibling. The new bike is exceptionally sleek and the presence of the smaller and simpler electric motor allows the designers to implement some fresh ideas.

This latest announcement comes in the wake of many other electronic reveals from BMW. The German company clearly has a lot of faith in electric automobiles and wants to get ahead of the competition by creating some truly breathtaking designs and powerful vehicles. Unfortunately, we can’t discuss the technical specifications of the bike as these are being kept secret for now. However, BMW has a reputation for creating vehicles that are at the cutting edge of technology, always making use of the latest and greatest methods and materials. Other manufacturers are doing what they can to exploit the electric market, but BMW has the global appeal and recognition factor that few other companies can boast of. With their development capacities and research teams, it’s only a matter of time before we see some incredible electric vehicles being released.

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