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BMW's Concept Stunt G310 Seeks to Penetrate the Learner Bike Market
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BMW's Concept Stunt G310 Seeks to Penetrate the Learner Bike Market

BMW's upcoming bike, the Concept Stunt G310, comes with an eye-catching paint scheme and the endorsement of well-known stunt rider Christian Pfeiffer. It appears to be a competent learner bike with some appealing adornments, such as a clean and trim exhaust system hidden by a silencer.

Who would have thought that BMW would release such a youthful model? Traditionally, their bikes haven't exactly been known for their vigor, instead appealing to older men looking for a more sedate aesthetic. Yet, in recent years, the company has made inroads to markets with more active styles such as sport, touring, and even adventure bikes. The company is clearly making an attempt to lure younger buyers.

The Concept Stunt G310 continues that trend. It's a learner model built on a 300 cc engine platform, and it's expected to be made available at entry-level prices. BMW is expected to officially launch the bike later this year at the EICMA show, but they've provided us a sneak preview at Sao Paolo's Salao Duas Rodas, the Brazilian motorcycle event that is known as the biggest in South America.

From crash bars and rear brake calipers to a race plate and 12 o'clock bar, there is no lack of stunt mods on this bike. These complement the gaudy color scheme to make for a very striking appearance that is sure to appeal to the younger audience BMW is targeting. These surface features are certainly impressive. Even beyond that, however, the Concept Stunt G310 appears to be fundamentally a very capable machine.

Its single cylinder is placed at a slight angle. This not only leaves some room that allows the swingarm to be a bit longer, but also gives the entire engine area a tighter and more dense look, in our opinion. As far as we can tell, the bike is almost ready for production.

A rather surprising aspect of the Concept Stunt G310's design is that you can barely see the pipes of the exhaust system, which are hidden by a silencer planted behind the engine. This gives the entire rear end an appealingly neat and clean appearance, the likes of which we haven't seen on many bikes in recent years.

If the images of Christian Pfeiffer handling the machine are anything to go by, there will not be any issues with stopping power. The single-disc brakes up front seem to hold up admirably as he pulls off some impressive stoppies.

In developing the platform, BMW has partnered with TVS, an Indian company. This has fueled speculation that the Concept Stunt G310 will come at an affordable price. If so, that would be good news for aspiring riders looking for a stylish learner bike.

While you will have to wait until the EICMA show to get a look at the finished product, in the meantime you will have to satisfy yourself with the many images depicting the bike's development, as well as those of Christian Pfeiffer showing us exactly what it's capable of.

We look forward to the unveiling in November.


Image credit: gizmag.com

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