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BMW's Motorrad Visision: Safety of the Future
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BMW's Motorrad Visision: Safety of the Future

Do you get tired of safety gear? Well,BMW heard you!  BMW unveiled its Motorrad Vision Next 100 which will be released as part of its 100th anniversary celebration. It released a concept motorbike that eliminates the need to wear any kind of protective gear. That's right! You can feel the cool breeze on this bike. It is called the future of motorcycles by BMW.

The bike has self-balancing wheels which are designed to stand upright even when the bike comes to a complete stop. The zero emission bike maintains an upright position at high-speeds, as the wheels are designed in such a way. Now there is no need to stand on the side anymore. According to BMW, Motorrad’s systems will anticipate the road ahead and give proper guidance to the drivers in order to avoid an accident. It will also prevent collisions, should they arise. The bike is completely electric and has no exhaust or air intakes, therefore no emissions.

This bike makes changing directions very easy and with utmost safety, as it is is built on a “flexframe.” It won’t take you in a new direction even if you move the handlebar just a little at a very high speed. Even though you can ride this bike without a helmet but there is some headgear involved with it. There is a lightweight visor that keep the wind out of your eyes. A motorbike that allows you to ride it without having to heap on protective gear is indeed a fantastic proposition.

By 2021, BMW aims to commercialize fully autonomous vehicles . It has also collaborated with US computer chip giant Intel and Mobileye which is an Israeli technology firm  to develop self-driving bikes.  The representative of the company said that riding without any gear still remains a fantasy for now, though. Though this concept is far from being a real thing but this vision might be the next big thing in the future.

Don’t get too excited for this super cool bike as it is not coming out in the market anytime soon. If the reports are to be believed it would take at least 10 years before you can see these on the streets. Self balancing technology is still in the developmental stage for many countries but if this concept becomes a reality then it won’t be before 2030.  

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