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Basic Solo Riding Tips for Beginners!
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Basic Solo Riding Tips for Beginners!

Some people enjoy riding their motorcycles in big groups, while others enjoy their solo motorcycle journey of self-discovery. Now don’t get me wrong, when someone chooses to ride solo, it doesn’t mean that the person doesn’t appreciate the company of others. Solo riding is a completely different experience. While riding solo, a person can do whatever he or she likes and at whatever time is convenient for them. There are no demands, restrictions, or expectations--and this makes the journey so much more fulfilling.

Yes, the fear of your motorcycle breaking down in the middle of nowhere is a bit scary, but you can take certain precautions to avoid this situation. You could regularly service your motorcycle, change the tires, and take timely breaks to avoid the unnecessary stress on the motorcycle engine. For starters, you should attempt a short journey and see how that goes. Once you get the confidence, you can obviously explore other interesting terrains too. Another very important thing to keep in mind is to be safe and careful. Don’t speed up or drink before you set off on your ride. 

If you plan to enjoy your solo journey, make sure you completely research about the places you’re going to pass by. Is the place safe? Are there hotels close by? What about medical assistance and emergency help? In fact, avoid going to remote places, especially if it’s your first solo motorcycle trip. If you happen to pass by a forest, make sure you keep an eye out for wild animals like bears, who often wander around nearby places. If you are ever faced with such a situation the best thing to do is stay still, but if you feel that the wild animal is angry or upset, slowly turn your bike and move away without harming the animal. Certain things that you must carry while venturing out on a solo motorcycle trip are your sleeping bag, some snacks, and lots of water.

The benefits of traveling solo are immeasurable. From deciding every step of the way, to making impromptu plans, you can do whatever your mind tells you. When it is just you and the open road, you will experience a completely different kind of freedom.

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