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Biker Gear: Your Guide for Summer
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Biker Gear: Your Guide for Summer

Being a biker is a skill and past time envied by many. However, the breathtaking blow of the wind and comfort on top of the bike can turn into something else if you are in gear unsuitable for the season. Summer is the hottest of all seasons, and the temperature can easily exceed what you’re normally used to. So, what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander. Check out the following gear that you should have as the summer winds on:

Vented Helmet

As you ride against the backdrop of the blazing sun, your head is definitely on the receiving end. This is why you should put on a vented helmet. Every motorcycle helmet has unique venting features. For the summer, ensure you pick one with the proper venting system. Actually, helmets meant for racing have superb airflow, so you won’t be wrong if you grab racing gear. However, note that extra air flow might give space to additional noise and disturbance. For maximum comfort and safety, put on earplugs for protection.

Mesh and Vented Jackets

There are a couple of jackets purposely made for wear during hot seasons. They are often made of cotton or mesh to allow extra airflow into your body. If you love leather jackets, you don’t have to ditch them; some are vented and are good for the summer. There are leather jackets that mix leather and mesh.  Additionally, a lot of textiles today offer crash protection while allowing good air flow.

Cooling Vests

A cooling vest is very important for the summer. It creates a longer cooling sensation. It works simply and superbly.  To get started, soak it in water and then wear it under a vented jacket. The water will evaporate slowly as you hit the road. A cooling vest is best worn when there isn’t enough wind to keep you cool. If its cooling power diminishes, just re-soak it in water and you are good to go.

Motorcycle Pants

It’s easy to dismiss motorcycle pants as part of your motorcycle gear. Maybe they look horrible from the outside and unsettling in the inside. In fact, they can keep you cooler beside the protection. A couple of them are made for hot weather riding, hence they are fitted with breathable materials.

Go out there, and enjoy summer on your bike!

Image Credit: pexels.com (creative commons licence)

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