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Bosch Expands Its Portfolio Of Motorcycle Technology
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Bosch Expands Its Portfolio Of Motorcycle Technology

Bosch plays a very important part in expanding the latest technology for motorcyclists into safety features like cornering ABS. Bosch has contributed a lot to this sport and has its hands in so many areas of motorcycle technology. Bosch has showcased its presence in motorcycle markets around the world. In addition to mirroring features such as phone services and navigation, Bosch's connected motorcycle also keeps a track of the lean angles and safety systems. It helps to contact emergency services during accident and iCall provides the user with proper roadside assistance. It is also a leading supplier of stability control, traction control and ABS for motorcycles.

This connected motorcycle technology will be used by KTM and some features will be headed to emerging markets as well. Bosch has also updated the manufacturing process for the TFT, as the new features will require more use of the screen. Previously, the glass of the screen and LCD were separate pieces. Now, LCD is directly connected to the glass. This improves the life of the unit and the usability is improved by reducing reflections.

Bosch offers connectivity solutions along with electronically controlled fuel injection system. It also connects smartphones and motorcycles that can be used to operate the apps easily with the ICC integrated connectivity. To connect motorcycles with the cloud, it uses CCU connectivity control unit. This can be very useful to implement automatic emergency call service and eCall. It also allows to read out fault memory and activate the immobilizer. The fuel consumption is reduced by 16 percent depending on the situation.

Bosch is also bringing the advantages of the connected industry with the IoT Gateway with features such as software, sensors and a connection to the company's IT background. It can be used to increase productivity and optimize work processes through the full inventory management systems. Bosch is also working for connected parking management, app-based mobility assistants, and cloud-based fleet management.

This new technology will also be very useful to increase the comfort and safety of the rider over a variety of road surfaces. By keeping a note on the throttle position, tracking engine speed and the bike speed, it will be able to adjust the suspension and deliver maximum control. To suit road surface conditions, the suspension will automatically adjust damping characteristics. In order to suit the riding status, this technology will keep a track on the acceleration interventions and lean angle.

Bosch can be considered as one of the leading suppliers of performance, services, and technology. The main objective of their group is to deliver and expand the new technology and deliver innovations for a connected life. These innovative product and services rendered by Bosch will help to improve the quality of life worldwide.

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