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Choose the Right Ride From This Trio of Urban Motorcycles
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Choose the Right Ride From This Trio of Urban Motorcycles

Motorcycles evoke images of lonesome western highways and thrilling mountain passes. It isn't often you will see a congested urban intersection or gateway bottleneck in a romanticized biking photo. For many riders, negotiating the hazards and traffic of a network of city streets is a daily experience.  Finding the right bike is critical to surviving the hectic roadways of city living. Negotiating these traffic trials involves plenty of stop and go, idling and low speeds. Here are a few top choices to make your commute less "commiserable." It isn't surprising that motorcycles designed for this type of riding are lightweight, elegant and maneuverable. Here are three choices that address budget, design and flexibility.

Suzuki TU250X

Sleek, stylish and above all - lightweight, this bike was designed for handling urban street conditions. The 16 horsepower engine keeps this machine under easy control while its 360 pounds allows for manageability through lane changes, parking and complicated handling challenges. At under $5,000, Suzuki has offered an affordable vehicle that urban commuters can rely on.

MPG (miles per gallon): 80

Yamaha YZF-R3

This offering by Yamaha does not disappoint. For city riders looking for a bit more than just practical, the sporty racing design of this bike will turn heads.  With a 42 horsepower engine at your disposal, you can navigate alleys and crunches of rush hour travel while having the option of hitting the open freeways on weekends. Elegant, fun and equipped with a bump and rut softening suspension, this motorcycle is a good choice for riders that work in town but play far from the urban jungle. This is a sport bike that has a day job! Beginning at $5,000.

Harley Davidson Street 750

If you are a stickler for iconic bikes, this Harley Davidson answers your need. Choose from two models designed for traffic and downtown driving - decide between the 750 and the 500. This motorcycle is unmistakable, built with the burly biker aesthetic of a workhorse Harley, the cumbersome attributes of a heavy cruising bike are modified for ease of handling in tighter situations. Pressing into narrow parking places won't be a daunting undertaking. Urban aficionados will delight in having the best of both worlds under their favorite brand. Pricing ranges around $7,600.

Choosing your city ride involves some soul-searching, but a little "stop and go" research will get you the best bike for your budget and driving needs.  At least you won't have to compromise on style or function!

Photo Courtesy: Flickr

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