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Could Honda be Considering Producing the Bulldog Concept Bike?
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Could Honda be Considering Producing the Bulldog Concept Bike?

If Honda’s recent filing for a patent for their new Bulldog motorbike is anything to go by, then the Japanese manufacturing giant may be planning for the mass production of the CB-based concept bike in the near future.

Towards the close of 2015, one Honda dealer hinted at this by mentioning that the company was seriously considering putting the concept on wheels “very soon”.

The Bulldog bike concept, which Honda introduced in Japan slightly over one year ago, is based on the CB400F motorbike which is sold in the Japanese market. In the Western market, the bike that is nearest to the CB400F in physical appearance is the CB500F, although the latter has a smaller engine in order to suit local licensing laws in Western countries.

In addition to the CB400F’s appearance, the Bulldog also adds some rugged, utilitarian styling, as well as a bit of clever storage ideas. The new concept bike is neither an adventure bike nor a scrambler but rather closest to those two-wheeled utility quad bikes that are mostly favored by rural farmers.

Honda’s latest patent is quite mundane, relating to how the cash bars around the engine are normally designed and fitted although it still clearly shows the Bulldog. Actually, the motorbike shown in the images isn’t very identical to the version showcased by Honda. It features slightly varying indicators, quite a different tail-light, as well as brake discs that vary a lot with the concept machine.

Also patented by Honda were the clever storage units on both sides of the bike’s fuel tank that were among the Bulldog’s innovations. Even though they may appear quite integral to the tank however, the Bulldog’s black plastic sides are in fact more like panniers which can be opened to reveal a lot of luggage space beneath.

Considering the fact that most of the mechanical components that the Bulldog requires are already being produced en masse, and that it even borrows some of its parts, such as headlights, from other models of Honda bikes, getting the new motorcycle on the market would be a non-expensive way for the Japanese manufacturer to expand into a brand new market niche.

However, the question of whether there are any Bulldog buyers waiting for the actualization of the concept so that they can enjoy the new bike still remains. But again, remember this is the same manufacturer who brought us the Vultus; and comparatively the new bike looks positively sane.


Image source: forums.cycleworld.com

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