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3 Must Do's for Winter Riding
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3 Must Do's for Winter Riding

1) Prepping Your Bike

Is your motorbike water-cooled? Then ensure its antifreeze is fresh. Also, make sure all its hoses are in perfect shape. Have you ever had your radiator or hose busting miles away from home? It’s an experience you never want to go through! In simple language, make sure your bike is in the best shape for the most extreme of weather conditions (some extra tips here).

Oh, one more thing: adventure-style bike riding pegs could be a great extra. They will help you a lot by providing an optimal grip no matter how slick conditions turn out.


2) Appropriate Motorcycle Gear

Always ensure that you’ve worn the correct gear - and in layering fashion - whenever you’re going out motorcycling during the cold weather. Base layers like the full leg and full sleeve are very crucial because they enable our skin to breathe well and wick away moisture.

As for the outer gear, breathability and waterproofing are a key factors to consider. Put your jacket over the gloves to enhance on waterproofing. A simple neck-warmer, strong waterproof boots and a tightly-sealed helmet complete the gear. Remember: correct layering will keep the elements out perfectly.


3) Be Careful on the Roads

Colder weather means colder and stiffer tires. Be careful on the road. And by the way, swaying back and forth so as to increase your tires temperature looks stupid (and totally unnecessary). Accelerating and decelerating quickly for a bit works better.

Ensure you also have enough tread on your bike’s tires for a better grip on the often slippery snowy road. And don’t forget to check your pressure every time you want to go out riding. Optimal pressure gives optimal traction.

As you ride, you also need to watch out for salt and fresh cracks on the road due to plows and black ice. Stay away from any crystallized substances on the road. Another very crucial thing here is visibility and your following distance behind other bikes and vehicles. Get in a habit of checking further ahead to increase your visibility and don’t follow too close.

Finally, don’t be a winter superhero: if heavy snow starts falling, it’s time to get home quick!


Image credit: Flickr creative commons

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