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Do You Love Power?
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Do You Love Power?

Tony Pandolfo of Orlando, Florida loves power. He has spent seven years of his life developing the first motorcycle to run on a jet-powered engine. During his spare time, he worked in his garage developing a way to incorporate a jet fuel starter, the a type of turbine engine that was used in early model F-14 military fighter jets, into his motorcycle. 

Pandolfo has spent his life surrounded by speed. He is a powerboat racer. This is the second motorcycle he has modified with a jet fuel starter engine. This bike, the Suzuki Hayabusa, took Tony around a year to complete in his spare time. 

Pandolfo’s first jet-powered motorcycle was a Suzuki GSX-R1100, which took him seven years to modify. The motorcycle doesn’t use a clutch to disengage the engine. However, the person riding the bike must lock the turbine with a double brake caliper mounted on the rear wheel.

Once the rider releases pressure on the double brake, the turbine starts to spin the rear wheel. The faster the turbine engine spins, the faster the rear wheel spins, and the more power the bike has.

Pandolfo starts with the main engine of an aircraft. The bike has 300 pounds per foot of torque that runs on a 24 volt electric system. In addition, the bike uses three separate oil pumps and coolers to keep the engine, afterburner system, and turbines cooled. The bike consumes one gallon of jet fuel or kerosene every 30 seconds.

Pandolfo invested $60,000 to build his second street legal, jet-powered superbike. There is no need to worry about visibility when riding this bike. All heads will turn as you ride down the road sounding like an F-14 fighter jet. The motorcycle captures the eyes, and ears, of anyone who has ever seen it on the road.

If anyone is interested in owning a Hayabusa like Pandolfo’s, then be prepared to spend around $60,000 for your new bike. The bike will be custom-built by Pandolfo and you will wait about a year to have it delivered. You may visit Jet Power Motorcycles to see the specifications, detailed information, and how to talk to the creator of the Suzuki Hayabusa.  

Pandolfo has a YouTube channel where you can watch videos of his bike in action. Here you can see the power and speed of the bike. In the videos, you can clearly hear the power of the jet engine and watch the bike as it shoots flames from the rear exhaust. This is truly one amazing bike!


Image: flickr.com

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  1. Eve Sherrill York
    Eve Sherrill York
    Wow! Lots of interesting stories here.
    1. Ann Johnston
      Do have to agree it was an amazing story to read and the videos were great to watch.
    Awesome jet powered motorcycles! Vote #3
    1. Ann Johnston
      Watch a few of his videos. The sound is amazing. So much power under you.


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