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Dunlop Roadsmart III: Aiming for the best Performance and Touring
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Dunlop Roadsmart III: Aiming for the best Performance and Touring

Dunlop tires have always come up and offered the best combination of handling, longevity, and grip. Safe riding and Security can be considered as a hallmark of Dunlop. Ideal balance and comfort of a bike differs from rider to rider and so it is very difficult to build the best sport-touring bike. The same thing applies to tires as the ideal balance of the bike might differ. Touring tires have always paid attention to the longevity of the tire rather than its performance. And now Dunlop has announced the new member of their family, the RoadSmart III which is truly amazing.

Performance Touring Tire

Roadsmart III can be considered as one of the best and high performance touring tire which is bundled with many unique features. It performs great at higher levels and lasts longer with a very high capability and potential. It is designed for all types of bikes ranging from the high performance and powerful touring machines to middleweight sports bikes. The Roadsmart III is well tested to resist the test of time. The team had also put forth all their efforts to increase the mileage and achieve higher performance throughout its lifetime.

The engineers have strived hard to offer excellent handling and comfortable feel with the RoadSmart III and successfully takes over from the amazing RoadSmart II tire. It also provides a superior grip in the wet or dry due to MT3 multi-compound technology. The team has placed a priority on consistent braking and handling and improve the quality of the ride over the life of the tires.

Although the overall sale of the tires is down in the U.S market but riders have realized the importance and features of the sport-touring tires that provide better grip and last longer. Thus Sportmax Roadsmart III can be considered as a vital entry in Dunlop’s lineup. It is also tested on the 2016 BMW R1200RT which produced more than 12,000 miles for Roadsmart III. It follows the same tread which is similar to its predecessor. But there is an additional groove that is added to the pattern of Roadsmart III which disperses the water for a good wet grip and improves the tire wear.

Construction, Pattern, and Compound

In terms of construction, the winding of the strands that is responsible for the longitudinally of the tire has changed and the sidewalls of the tire are slimmer that provides a good damping. Construction, Pattern, and Compound can be considered as a very important aspect of tire construction and there are many changes done to Roadsmart III. There is also a slight change done for the radius of the rear tire to maintain the neutral handling characteristics.

Both the rear and front Roadsmarts uses dual compounds which have a softer compound on the sides and durable mix in the center. The rider is on the durable compound when the bike is upright and the lean angle is on the softer compound. The tread pattern of the Roadsmart III is completely changed that makes it easier for the water to escape.

Final Words

Dunlop is very positive about the Roadsmart III tire and therefore it is considered as a Performance Touring tire which offers plenty of features. Sportmax RoadSmart III is truly set to redefine the sports touring market. It is a very impressive tire and I will surely recommend it to all the bike enthusiasts who are looking for high performance and high mileage.

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