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Electric Sports Bike to Set the Industry Ablaze
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Electric Sports Bike to Set the Industry Ablaze

With a new interest to move toward greener modes of transportation, the vehicle market is now going ahead, full throttle, trying to come out with electric bikes that provide good performance. Stepping up its game a notch, companies are now attempting to create a new electric sports bike that will set the industry ablaze.

Electric Bikes to Spark up People’s Lives Soon

Electric mobility is becoming the need of the hour, with the increasing environmental benefits it encompasses. While a few electric bikes have already debuted on the scene a couple of years ago, automakers are looking to provide increased battery life and improved performance with these newer bikes so that there is no need to compromise on speed.

Terra Motors and Tork Motorcycles arrived on the scene last year and dominated it with their e-bikes, until now. Lightning Motorcycles, America’s electric sports bike makers have decided to step into the fray and are looking to create an electric sports bike that can go up to 500 miles. Impressed? You have to be.

Big Strides for Lightning Motorcycles

Headed by Richard Hatfield, the company is already working with Battery Innovation Center in Indiana to create this electric sports bike that is expected to set the bike industry ablaze.  Having built its first electric sports bike back in 2006, this American motorcycle company achieved the highest land speed record across the world with its electric bike, in 2009.  

The Battery Innovation Center is tied up with a number of government agencies and automakers so that they can develop new batteries and test them easily.  The Center needs to ensure that the batteries are safe, lightweight and reliable before they begin to commercialize them and get them on the market.

David Roberts, the president fo the Company, claimed that partnering with companies like Lightning  Motorcycles, helps them test their batteries and come out with cutting edge energy providers that can facilitate a 500-mile ride. With the technology already in hands, they do feel that such an innovation is certainly not far from being a reality.

What are some of the trends expected?

After testing the bike from San Francisco to Los Angeles, it was found to complete the entire ride with a single charge. Tesla is currently dominating the scene with vehicles that provide the longest range on a single charge. However, this is because not many electric vehicles are commercially available yet.  

In addition, they have an Environmental Protection Agency rating of 315 miles and their new model S is expected to reach the given EPA range. Richard Hatfield claimed, that he plans to follow in the footsteps of Tesla and prove that one need not have range anxiety with these new bikes, in an interview with Forbes.   

Of course, it won’t be easy coming out with batteries that provide the same power as that of petrol engines, however, these batteries are essential if vehicle makers are looking to have greener alternatives. Whatever the case may be, the electric sports bike, with increased performance, will be an important innovation that will set the vehicle industry ablaze.

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