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Leap into the Future with this Flying Motorbike
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Leap into the Future with this Flying Motorbike

If you thought you knew how fast technology is advancing, you thought wrong. The new Sonic SX motorbike is an invention that is likely to blow people’s minds.  With the ability to fly, this jet-powered bike has proved that the future is here. It is being considered the most exciting innovation yet, for bike lovers from near and far.

The Inception of the Idea

The concept of this bike came from the Flyboard developed by Frenchman Franky Zapata which allowed people to hover in the air due to the high-pressure water that was released from the bottom of the board. This was when Charles Bombardier conceived the idea of creating a jet bike that was based on Zapata’s concept. The two men began to discuss the notion but soon Zapata’s fame reached a peak with the Flyboard and Bombardier decided to continue making progress with the idea himself and this turned the whole concept into a concrete idea.

With a new kind of innovation running through it, not only is this vehicle being seen as a tool for enjoyable adventure sporting in certain designated areas but is also likely to be seen making the rounds in a racing circuit soon, thus proving that the future is here, with the Sonic SX.

The Working of the SX Motorbike

Designed for a single rider, this bike is expected to be the size of a regular motorbike. The only difference is that it would be fitted with two jet engines at the back and two more in the front which would assist in maintaining lateral stability. The motorcycle takes off as a result of the rotation of the jets, which also propels it to go faster or brace itself for landing.

As far as fuel goes, the tank would be placed within the motorcycle and is likely to be bigger in size given that there wouldn’t be any need for engine space.  Fitted with a flying system, the control of the vehicle would be relatively easy once the person understood the feel of the bike.

The landing pads of the motorbike have the same design as the Flex-Foot Cheetah which was an innovative breakthrough by Van Phillips, a biomedical engineer. These pads enable the Sonic SX to reduce its speed just before it touches the ground. Bombardier was also looking to add rotating wings that would give the bike better lift.

The Future of the Sonic SX

The SX that is suffixed to the name of this bike, stands for none other than “space cross.” Although the future of this bike is not quite figured out yet, Bombardier is looking to have air tracks or plain air spaces where this bike would be able to showcase its prowess. While the engines will certainly be a bit noisy, it does not hamper Bombardier from hoping that someday this invention could be used not just for entertainment on race tracks but also to move from one location to another.

Although the bike won’t be fuel-efficient and this may hamper its ability to fly very high, it is clear that the future is here in the shape of this flying motorbike. You can certainly expect a fast ride that will leave you with that exciting adrenaline rush the moment you get onto the bike.

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