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Facts from Behind the Counter: Texting for Sales
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Facts from Behind the Counter: Texting for Sales

Last night, I met my uncle for the first time. Both of us motorcycle enthusiasts, we haven't had many chances to talk about our shared love. The man is a dealer of high-end bikes, and I jokingly suggested that I should stop in to his dealership one day in the near future.

This brought up a bunch of interesting trivia. Nowadays, most clients don't bother coming into the store to buy their ride; sometimes dealers will never meet their client, or even speak to them over the phone. Many times a deal will go down through text message and an address for shipment.

"Most buyers already know what they want," I was told as I looked at photos of his recent sales. "They just want it to be theirs, it doesn't matter if they see the bike beforehand."

This is an era where you can buy an expensive vehicle using a personal phone. 140 characters and you're the new owner of a shining beast. If it's stock, you'll get it near immediately. As most factories only send out two, possibly three, of their stock, it's quite possible for a wait to happen. Regardless, when you're buying something of quality and you've done your research, you can rest assured.

This isn't the only business where it's more common to send a text off to buy something of caliber. Cars, trucks, tractors, motorbikes-- most dealerships will now accept orders through simple text messages. If you need to sign for your vehicle, it doesn't have to be done at the dealership any longer.

It's become so popular that there's now an app out for it. There's an app for anything, of course, but if you're in the market for a new motorbike, perhaps you should check out Carcode SMS. A little message can go a long way. Now you can think of the time you spared yourself going through a long sale process, and can look out at that beautiful expanse of a sky on your new bike.


Image by Linda on Flickr.

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  1. 4sweedly
    As much as texting is popular it would seem that a soon to be new owner would want to personally see and feel, and ride the chosen motorcycle. I guess I am behind in the times but sight unseen sometimes ends up being a lemon. Liked the post. Learn something new everyday. Thanks!


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