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First-Time Motorcycle Riding Tips
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First-Time Motorcycle Riding Tips

Are you going to ride a bike for the very first time? If so, these are some first-time motorcycle riding tips you must keep in mind.

Keep an eye on the road and horizon

You can’t just do one. You have to look at the road and be aware of any dips but at the same time, you also have to look ahead. This will help you observe from a distance about the approaching traffic and perceivable corners at the end of the road. Another quick tip, the people riding or driving behind you can anticipate your movement based on where your head tilts. For instance, if you’re going to take a left, you’re head naturally moves in that direction.

Defensive rather than offensive

Make sure you’re always alert and aren’t causing anyone else an inconvenience. It’s best to be aware of the people and surrounding. This helps a rider stay defensive, I case some vehicle comes rather close to him or her. Mirrors can be very helpful in most situations, so remember to adjust them carefully before you set out on your ride.

Turn off the choke

Normally, one would turn on the choke to start the bike. This becomes necessary when the bike has not been started in some time. After the bike has been started, its best to turn off the choke to avoid future problems and of course save on gas.

Always inspect your bike

Before you get on your bike, its always a good idea to check the tires, see if there’s enough fuel and ensure that everything is working just fine. It also gives you the confidence and satisfaction to enjoy your ride without any worry.

Protect yourself from chrome

Remember that chrome can get very hot in the sun, so if any part of your body touches the chrome, you could get burnt. It’s best to wear gear that protects you or cover those parts of the bike.

So there you go, if you keep these in mind, your first ride should be a smooth one.

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