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5 Motorcycle Pocket Essentials
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5 Motorcycle Pocket Essentials

In the modern and advanced world of backpacking, hikers are also advised to carry some essentials such as a flashlight, compass, fire starter and the list goes on for this. But the motorcyclists cannot carry the same items during long rides. Some of the basic essentials include your wallet, spectacles and some other essentials. The biggest issue of carrying such essentials is finding the space on a bike to carry it. Many bikes have limited toolkit that can be seen under the seat. Carrying some basic essentials can help to avoid small issues and provides you with great safety and security.

Besides having a toolkit for your bike, you can also keep some small equipment inside your clothes or pocket that do not require much space. The tools in the toolbox are hardly used every day but these small pocket essentials can be used easily when necessary. When you are heading out for the ride, you know you have your gloves, jacket, spectacles and wallet. But you should surely add some more pocket essentials that will make your ride fun and comfortable.

As a biker, you should always be ready for any calamity and it is necessary to pack smart. It is not possible to pack everything if you are heading towards the longer rides. There are a handful of essentials that you can keep in pocket and reach out easily when required, especially when you are covering a longer distance. Included here are the list of pocket essentials that you should have on a road trip to have a good and safe journey.

Spare Key: It is very important to carry the spare key of the bike with you when you are going for longer rides. Spare keys can be very useful when you lose the primary key in the middle of the road and there is no locksmith nearby. To avoid such situations, always keep a spare key in an inside pocket where it cannot be misplaced. It is also advised to get the spares of other locks such as fuel tank. Avoid keeping the keys in your locked luggage as there is nothing worse than losing your key and being stranded.

Air pressure gauge: One of the very wise safety consideration that helps to improve the gas mileage is by keeping the tires inflated. Hence it is very important to keep an air-pressure gauge which is pen-sized with you. If there is a very little air pressure in the tire then it can cause wastage of fuel and also impact the bike’s handling and braking. Tire air pressure gauge is very important to keep a check on the pressure of tires and avoid tire failure. It is also convenient to keep it in your riding jacket and use it easily when necessary.

Flashlight: Flashlight can be considered as one of the very important essentials to carry during long rides and when you are traveling in the night. A small flashlight can make a big difference when you run into trouble at night. It is possible to carry the flashlight that can be attached to the keychain for the night time repairs or even reading maps. Keep a check that the batteries of the flashlight are kept fresh. There is no need to carry heavy size torch during the rides as small pocket type flashlight will help you in any danger situations.

Multi-tools: Multi-tools can be considered as multi-takers that are very helpful during a ride. It cannot replace a proper tool kit but can be a great help during longer and night rides. It can be used to cut the end of a hose that ensures a tight fit. A pocket Leatherman or a penknife is ideal to carry for your ride. It can be considered as the best alternative for tool box which can easily fit into your pockets.

A Physical Map: It is very important to carry a good map during your tours to identify good roads and to have a better understanding. They will provide you with the best descriptions to reach the destination with best motorcycling roads in particular regions. Always opt for a map which is made up of tear-resistant and waterproof material and that can be easily carried in your pockets. Though smartphones can do everything but you will be in big trouble if the phone fails. Hence it is necessary to carry a physical map with you during the rides. There are many companies that make maps especially for the bike enthusiasts and provides with the best information.

It is always a wise decision to plan your trips and to list out all the important essentials that you need during your ride. The above-listed pocket essentials will definitely help you to tackle every situation during the ride and make your ride safe and a memorable one.

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