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Fresh and Clean: How to Keep Your Cycling Gear in Top Shape
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Fresh and Clean: How to Keep Your Cycling Gear in Top Shape

Cycling jerseys and shorts absorb a lot of sweat over their lifetime. This is why even after regular washing they remain somewhat smelly and stained. However, keeping the cycling kit fresh and clean is not difficult. It just requires a bit more effort than simply throwing them in the washing machine with lots of detergent. Read the tips below on how you can make your bicycling gear like new after every wash and wear.

Basic Tips:

  • Remove the clothing as soon as you are back from your ride. Although, it might not be an ideal time but it is also recommended to wash it as soon as you take it off.
  • Avoid wearing a dirty kit.
  • Most bicycling gear comes with the same washing instructions. Cold wash in gentle cycle, turn the shorts inside out, avoid using softeners, etc. Read the instructions carefully and follow them to avoid any harm to the clothing.
  • Check for stains before putting the clothing into the wash. Scrub them to avoid setting them permanently.
  • Make sure to fasten any Velcro tabs to avoid snagging on other clothing.
  • All zippers should be zipped up all the way.
  • Drying is not advisable for sporting gear. It will not only ruin the clothing but also keep the smell inside. If possible, hang dry the gear in the sun. This will not only make it crisp but also bake any odor that is present in your clothing.
  • Avoid using bleach, even on white sports clothing. 

More tips to keep bicycling gear fresh and clean:

  • Often sports gear is recommended to be hand washed only. However, most sports enthusiast claim that they never followed the directions. Although hand washing seem like an extra chore that was performed by Cinderella of the olden days, hand washing does extend the life of the garment and makes it extra clean.
  • White vinegar is a great remedy to remove odor-causing bacteria from the clothing. To use vinegar, hand wash the clothing in warm water mixed with vinegar. Allow it to air-dry.
  • If you don’t have time to wash the clothing after the ride, don’t throw it in the hamper with other clothes. Instead, hang it to dry or soak it in soapy water.
  • Never wash cycling gear or other sporting apparel with clothes that are regularly worn. 

Keep these simple tips in mind after your next cycling adventure. Sports gear is expensive. This is why it is essential to follow proper care when using them. Establishing good habits even after using them will not only keep them clean and fresh but also enhance their life so they will last you for many more rides. Follow them and keep your cycling kit at its best! Happy cycling!

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