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Watch: Will Harley Really Mass-Produce an Electric Bike Within 5 Years?
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Watch: Will Harley Really Mass-Produce an Electric Bike Within 5 Years?

Harley Davidson is an iconic part of Americana. We all know it. And they launched "Project LiveWire" couple of years ago. The concept was well-received. But recently the company expressed the possibility of commiting full-scale production to it's timeline. Harley's Vice president Sean Cummings was quoted as saying "Harley- Davidson will produce an electric motorcycle for our customers within the next five years".

The timeline of five years is enough to create a perfectly engineered turbo charged engine and perfectly designed bike body. This will create a new generation concept for Harley aficionados. And manufacturing heads are making it possible. This ain't just a publicity stunt. The company's aim is to bring the next generation into speed with safety. They want to attract youth who believe in riding with a mind for green design. 

The Live Wire's prototype has an aluminium body and emits low-pitched sounds. It's significantly quieter than traditional Harley's and many compare it's sound to that of a jet engine during takeoff.  Harley is incredibly focused on the improvement of battery technology. The bike's current battery charges range from 50 to 100 miles depending on speed and other conditions.

Harley Davidson has always lived up to its brand image. And the Livewire version continues to impress the masses, especially Millenials, with its specifications and the performance of being able to almost hit 100mph. Even still, Harley wants to increase the bike's to range above 200mph and reduce the bike's recharge time. 

Harley's on the lookout for green young riders who want to help them test and develop the bike. They have a planned and engineered framework for their upcoming versions of Livewire. If history is any indicator, we can predict Harley won't disappoint the next generation of riders with their impressive and evolving technology. 

Photo Source: PopularMechanics.com

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