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Honda Gives the Thumbs-Up For Mugen’s Two Electric High-Performance Motorcycles
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Honda Gives the Thumbs-Up For Mugen’s Two Electric High-Performance Motorcycles

Mugen is a Japanese electric motorcycle manufacturer and it has successfully made a name for itself after their electric bike Shinden won consecutive outings of the TT Zero event. Mugen was always known as a Honda’s unofficial company that made many advanced bikes in the 1970s and ’80s. And now Mugen has unveiled the electric bike that will surely bring the fourth victory at the Isle of Man TT Zero. Mugen has really worked very hard to develop an electric motocross bike in partnership with Honda. It has released the Shinden Roku and E.Rex electric motorcycles.

The Shinden Roku and E.Rex made its first public appearances at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show and it is built on a Honda CRF 250 framework. There were no specifications that were offered by the company for the E.Rex and it replicates the look of the famous dinosaur. The design of this model follows the fossilized skeleton of the dinosaur T. Rex and hence the name of the bike is E.Rex. According to Japanese "Roku" is for number "six" and it is the sixth entry of Mugen into the Isle of Man TT, so it is named to mark its sixth year.

Shinden Roku was specially designed to compete in the TT Zero category and it is considered as a future production bike. This bike is also bundled with many great features with the radiators to cool the batteries. This bike will compete with riders Guy Martin and John McGuinness in the 2018 electric ZeroTT. The Shinden Roku has a 210 Nm of torque which is approximately 154.89 pound-feet and 160.9 horsepower. The range of the bike will be extended by the new battery. The bike does not have a rear brake pedal and the left side handlebar lever of the bike easily becomes the back brake without the need of a clutch.

In terms of technical data, Mugen does not reveal much but according to the little information that is released, there is a minor reduction in weight. It has been reduced from 250 kg (551 lb) to 248 (547 lb). The bike has the same carbon fiber monocoque frame which is identical to the one used last year. The Shinden Roku will be the best version of the motorcycle that has ruled the TT Zero from the last three consecutive years.

The production of E.Rex shows the active involvement of Honda in building an electric bike. Though there are no particular specifications that have been released about the E.Rex but Honda and Mugen is really working hard to deliver electric motocross machines to the world. Honda is very serious to look at the motocross segment of the market before moving to the other segments. The new concept named E.Rex shows the future of what a bike which is battery powered could look like.

The Shinden Roku and E.Rex are the prototypes that are developed to test the new advanced technology. The company is working very closely with Honda to bring the high-performance electric bike to the market. This year the TT Zero is scheduled on 7th of June and we hope to hear more technical specifications and features of the bike. The E.Rex concept is truly the future of the advanced electric motocross machines!

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