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Hoodie Rage Is Here
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Hoodie Rage Is Here

There are many people in the world who live by their passions. While some love to go on physical adventures like trekking and hiking, others may be more interested in equally strenuous activities like riding bikes. But despite what your adventure of choice is, one thing remains constant - you need proper protection in order to safely enjoy your passion.

Chances are, if you are the kind of adventurer who is mindful of protecting themselves, you would know that this protection doesn’t always come cheap. For bikers, the most commonly used piece of safety apparel is a thick armored leather or synthetic jacket, which is heavy and not very cheap. That is why Bull-it Jeans has come up with a lighter hoodie that is specially designed to be worn by bikers; it has just become all the rage as far as bikers’ apparel goes.

Light, but Reinforced

What makes this hoodie so much better than regular ones is a new material by the name of Covec. This material has been created specifically to be used in motorcycle apparel, as it has a higher abrasion resistance than Kevlar.

Other than a good amount of abrasion resistance, the hoodie also provides higher cut resistance and less chance of getting one’s skin exposed to heat by friction than many other materials, including leather. If you ever fall, or slide, off your bike during a sharp turn onto a material like concrete, the Covec-lined hoodie will protect you from getting cuts and burns. This, in addition to the light weight feature, has made this hoodie all the rage in the motorcycle world.

Meeting Standards to Back the Claims

Bull-it Jeans is not making empty claims either, as they have tested their hoodie to meet the required safety standards. The hoodie meets the CE-13595-1 standard, which is devised for protective clothing. This test makes sure that the fabric really holds up against motorcycling accidents.

Other than meeting this standard, the hoodie also gets an SR6 rating, which means that the human body must be sliding on a hard surface for a full six seconds before the hoodie gives way and the skin is exposed directly to the surface. When considered in isolation, the six seconds may not sound like a long time. However, once you consider the fact that leather pants last less than five seconds on the same surface, and Kevlar jeans made it to only 3.07 seconds, it becomes clear that Covec does a much better job.

More than Protective Gear

Unlike heavier leather or synthetic jackets, the hoodie by Bull-it Jeans can also be worn in day to day life. It has a design that is breathable, and makes walking around easy. It also creates a microclimate around one’s body that keeps it warm in winters and cool in summers. Other than this, there are deep pockets on the front, and a separate one for keeping your cell phone. And if that wasn’t enough, it is also water-resistant to keep you dry if a sudden splash of rain decides to come your way.

Keeping in mind all of these aspects, it is easy to see why this hoodie is all the rage right now. The new material has turned some heads, as it is lightweight and cheaper than armored leather. The hoodie costs $289.95, which makes it a very good alternative to thin leather jackets, or synthetic ones that are heavier.

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