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How To Adjust Your Motorcycle Controls To Fit Your Body
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How To Adjust Your Motorcycle Controls To Fit Your Body

To enjoy a smoother, safer and a comfortable ride for the riders over a long distance, it is very important to have a bike which is comfortable to your body. Though these days most motorcycles are built and designed to be adjustable to the wide range of body types of the riders. But if you are still willing to invest in some body parts than you can truly achieve the perfect fit that will provide you with great comfort over many years. There are wide variety of adjustments that can be done to any motorcycle to achieve better results. It is possible to improve a bike radically by adjusting the foot and hand control levers, handlebar angle and other details.

There are some of the simplest ways that can be considered to adjust the control of your motorcycle as per needs and requirements.

Adjust Clutch and Brake Levers

Lever adjustment is one of the easiest modification that can be done and one of the first things you should do on your bike. The best way to make this adjustment is use a yardstick that is rested on the handlebar to the lever and then check the angle. Now compare it to the angle of your arm while the fingers are extended over the lever. All you need to do is to loosen the clamp on the clip-on and to rotate them to where you are finding it to be more comfortable. Also you can check and adjust clutch and front brake lever adjusters. By keeping your cables well lubricated can help in  lighting up the amount of pressure that is required by your hand.

Adjusting/ Modifying your Seat

Modifying and adjusting your seat can make a huge difference in your riding comfort. Aftermarket seats are made of GEL that is mould to your own shape that provides incredible comfort for long rides. One can easily raise or lower the riding position up to 2 inches up or down. Also they provide a better support to your spine. This will help you to have better posture and to enjoy your ride over long distances.

Adjusting the Footpegs

Adjustable footpegs allows you to unbolt the footpeg and move it up and back that will help to accommodate  larger feet and vice versa. If your bike does not have an adjustable footpegs then you can also purchase the adjustable rear sets that will also improve the performance of the riders. These adjustable rear sets also allows for tons of adjustability and that provides better experience.

Adjusting Handlebars

When you sit on your motorcycle with hands on the grips, there should not be any discomfort in the sit reach. If you feel that the reach is too far then you might feel stress in the shoulders. This indicates that your handlebar needs adjusting. You need to loosen the handlebar clamp and rotate the bar backward or forward to where it is more comfortable for you. If still you are not comfortable then you can swap handlebars completely. Before investing in new bars it is important to measure your clutch and throttle cables.

The final result of all this adjustment should be more comfort, more control and precision. Have a great ride!

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