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How to Become a Veteran Rider: 5 Traits to Imbibe
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How to Become a Veteran Rider: 5 Traits to Imbibe

The journey from a novice to the veteran rider is not an easy one. There are a lot of things to learn along the way. In this article, I am going to point out a few traits that distinguish a person from being a novice rider to becoming a veteran rider who commands respect. I hope these traits will help inspire people to embody them.


A veteran rider who has crossed many miles over the years understands that making hasty decisions is a bug no-no. He or she is calm and focused as opposed to being excited and making rash decisions. As people, they might be fun and sociable, but as soon as they set foot on the pedal, they’re conscious and level-headed. 

Great reflexes

Thanks to all the practice, these experienced riders have sharp reflexes that help make the roads a safe place to travel. They scan the road well in advance and are also prepared if something unexpected jumps right in their way. To ensure this, they have a good night’s sleep before ever getting behind the handle. Their alertness helps them stay safe.

Gut feeling

Besides practice, these veteran riders also develop a gut instinct that warns them about the various possibilities one can face while riding. This helps them handle any situation that may come their way.


Veterans don’t just boast about their achievement; instead, they sometimes help people. They don’t brag about their belongings, they respect others as much as they respect themselves. This behavior helps them imbibe the rest of the traits without conflicting issues.

Continuous learning

Even though these veterans possess great experience, they prefer to always keep learning. For this they continuously practice, they study new techniques and stay in the loop of new tricks.

Every rider is different and so is their journey. These traits could vary from person-to-person, but eventually, when you love the sport, you will learn to develop one or more of these.

Photograph Courtesy: Flickr's Creative Commons.

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