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How to Bleed Motorcycle Brakes
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How to Bleed Motorcycle Brakes

Brake bleeding can be considered as an important maintenance skill for your bike to avoid weak grab and a mushy feeling. It allows to replace the brake fluid and ensures that the brake lines are free from any air bubbles. If the brake lines consist of air then it will pull your lever in and there won’t be any volume inside the brake lines in order to push the brake piston. So it is important to clear the air from the brake piston else the brakes will jam closed or will not close properly. Bleeding motorcycle brakes can be considered very tricky and it is advised to do it several times to avoid air bubbles in the system. Always remember every bike is a little different and it is advised to refer the manual for the proper brake bleeding procedure and to ensure better safety.

What you will need:

Brake Fluid that is specified in user manual

Syringe for adding fluid

Hand tools

Catch bottle

10mm box end wrench

Plastic Fluid Catch Bottle with spare hose


Cleaning spray to wipe brake fluid

Clean environment

Step 1) It is very important to secure the bike in a comfortable position and place it on its center stand. Keep a check that the bike is safe to prevent it from falling over as it can cause serious injuries if the bike is not secured. One can remove the reservoir cap by loosening the screws and use wrenches to remove the brake calipers.

Step 2) Make sure that the cylinder is level and is balanced by aligning the handlebars. To prevent the bike from getting damaged, cover the outer surface of the bike with a suitable material. As the paint on the bike's surface can be damaged due to the brake fluid.

Step 3) From the brake reservoir remove the top cover and keep a check that it is filled with the fluid. One can place an old bucket below the caliper and pump the brake lever a number of times. Continue with the pumping until the piston comes out and take a look that the reservoir is filled all the time. This job really becomes easier if your friend can either loosen the bleeder or pump for you.

Step 4) Put sufficient quantities of brake fluid in the master cylinder. Place the one end of the hose on the bleed cover and the other end in a bucket. For a few minutes pump brake handles continuously and open the bleed screw to let the fluid mixed with the air. Repeat the process until there is no air left.

Step 5) In order to get rid of the bubbles during bleeding, it is advised to tap the bleed screw and the hose. One can leave the setting overnight. One can also check how air is expelled from the brake fluid by continuous pumping. It requires a great deal of patience!

Step 6) Clean the traces of the brake fluid on the bike using water and a rag. Any remaining fluid can be removed with a cleaning spray.

Bleeding the brakes help the riders to keep the motorcycle safe and can be maintained easily instead of waiting for an appointment. Obtain the necessary materials and tools and learn to bleed motorcycle brakes by following simple and easy steps.

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