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How to Choose the Best Protectors
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How to Choose the Best Protectors

Safety is paramount, and it is twice as true when you are a biker. It is thus important to pay attention when buying protection. And don´t worry, you don´t have to wear cumbersome and uncomfortable jackets and pants anymore! This article will provide a short introduction on how to choose the right impact-absorbing back protection.

Importance of Safety Ratings

The system of CE (Conformité Européene) is used to rank safety equipment and their ability to protect you in the case of the crash. Every single piece of protective armor is scaled, and when it is CE-approved, it means that it offers a high amount of protection. There are usually two levels of protection – Level 1 for the good protection and Level 2 for the equipment providing an excellent protective service to its wearer. The modern trend is shifting towards the standardization of the protective garments and thus appllies the CE system to all kinds of the protective clothing.

Back and Limb Protectors

Back protectors and limb protectors comprise the two main categories of the protective devices for bikers. Limb Protectors also include elbow/forearm, shoulder, hip and knee/shin.

Limb Protectors 

Since 2014, there are also two levels of ratings for the limb category, which were previously scaled only by one rating. The protector should be able to block the force greater than 35 kN with the one 50 kN spike being allowed to receive the Level 1 rating. The Level 2 rating has to be able not to transmit more than 25 kN.

Most motorcycle jackets nowadays include a removable CE Level 1 armor in the elbows and shoulders and pants include knee armor. Protection of hips, chests and other parts of the body are sold as optional choices. The quick development of the armor led the bikers to look for lightweight and more flexible armors which are produced by companies like SAS-TEC, Knox, or Forcefield. 

Back Protectors

There are two rating levels in the case of the back protector category – CE-Level 1 and CE-Level 2. The score is determined by the force the equipment can withstand and protect its wearer. The Level 1 protector mustn´t allow more than 18 kN to be transmitted to the rider´s body. In the case of the higher level 2, the amount is reduced down to 9 kN. Similarly to the limb protection, the market is full of various types of protections of different manufacturers, so it´s up to you which one to choose! 

The Development of the Protections

The rapid evolution of the protective materials means that the current Level 2 equipment is nearly as uncomfortable and cumbersome as was in the previous decades. The new materials offer great effectivity, mobility and a stylish look, which will contribute to the great feeling when riding the streets of cities. They are available in different looks and colors to make the overall effect as personalized as possible. The new materials can also be integrated with a plastic shell which further increases their protective effect.

So, nowadays, you don´t have to be afraid of a crash when riding your beloved motorcycle on the highways. You will be well protected and feel good in your biker's uniform.

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