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4 DIY Ways to Make Your Headlights Shine Like New
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4 DIY Ways to Make Your Headlights Shine Like New

Motorcycles tend to experience issues which  is very common to the four wheeled vehicles and that is yellowed, cloudy and hazy headlights. Riding around with cloudy headlights will make your bike look terrible and it is also very dangerous. It really looks horrible and the yellowed decoloration will make your bike look dirty. This discoloration can even cut down your visibility at night and can be hazardous. To solve this problem you need not replace your headlights but can be accomplished to a clear perfection with ease in less than an hour.


Many times the headlights of the bike not only looks dirty but also cracked. It is important to buff out this cracks and try cleaning it with the rubbing compound. Firstly wash the headlights with a sponge and soap and dry it with a towel. This process involves sanding away a thin layer of polycarbonate where the cracks exists. It deals with the worn and pitted surfaces and fixing the issue from outside the lens. After this you can then polish the undamaged surface to shine by polishing it.


Earlier headlights were made of glass but it was very dangerous for the riders in a crash. Now modern headlights are made up of polycarbonate which is a durable plastic and it is also less prone to shattering in case of crash. But these headlights turn yellow and cloudy after their exposure to UV rays. In order to prevent this there is an UV resistant coatings on headlights which tends to get beaten by water spotting, dirt, chemicals and improper washing. When you feel that outside of the lens is cloudy, you just need to apply elbow grease into resurfacing and polish the surface. You don’t have to remove any parts and it is an easy job.

Denatured alcohol

The procedure for cleaning the headlight lenses from inside is indeed very simple. The only difficult part is accessing them. After removing the headlight bodies, pull the bulbs out. Pour some denatured alcohol into the body and rub the solutions in circular motions. `If you still find the headlights to be cloudy then swab out a terry cloth at the end of a chopstick tied with a rubberband. Clean the inner surface of the headlamp until it is clear.

Household items

There are numerous solvents and polishes available in the market which are designed to clear the beams but this can also be achieved from the items that are available at home. Baking Soda, Tooth paste and Vinegar can be used to clean the headlights. Don't rub any of the baking soda solvent on your paint which is around the headlights. Take some toothpaste or baking soda(mixed in warm water) or vinegar and apply it directly onto your headlights.

Now dry the headlight completely before reinstalling it. One of the easiest way is you can simply let it sit in the sun or dry it with a blow dryer. After reinstalling your headlight you are good to go!

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