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How to Plug A Tubeless Tire Of Your Motorbike
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How to Plug A Tubeless Tire Of Your Motorbike

Got a flat tire? Get back on the road in less than fifteen minutes with the help of the following tips. The best part about these tips is that you can use them to change any tubeless tire (tractor, car, etc) as the procedure for repair remains the same.

Firstly, you must carry a good tire plug kit with you. Once the tubeless tire of your motorcycle has been removed, you need to consider a few things. First, you will need to check if the tire has come off the bead. The portion of the rim that the tire is fixed against is known as the bead. In case the bead has come off, it will require a large amount of high-pressure air to fix the tire back on the bead and it will be difficult to repair it.

If the tire is on the bead, then you will need to check for any leak or hole on the tire. This can be done by spotting a nail or any other foreign object sticking out of the tire. Again, the size of the hole will decide if it can be repaired or not. In case there is a tear, it is unlikely to be repaired. But if the foreign object has entered straight inside the tire and the motorcycle wasn’t ridden too far in such condition, then there is a good chance of the puncture getting repaired.

Next, clean the area around the hole/leak and mark the location. This will allow you to identify the leaking spot once you pull out the foreign object. Slowly wiggle or pull out the object. Now, to plug the hole, you will need to get it ready. Use a round file or a rasp tool to push into the hole and run it up and down a few times. This procedure will not only clean out the hole but will also remove jagged edges if any. Also, it will enlarge the hole to allow the plug to secure easily.

Once the cleaning is done, smear an inserting tool or needle with the supplied rubber cement and push it into the hole. Run it up and down a few times to lubricate the hole as well as coat the insides with glue. Remove the tool and insert the sealing material at the end of the tool. Slather the sealing material with rubber cement liberally.

Press the tool into the hole and hold till 1/3rd of the sealing material is showing. Next, remove the inserting tool without twisting. If done carefully, the sealing material will stay back and plug the hole. Trim off the excess sealing material and allow it to dry for about 10 minutes before filling the tire with air. And you’re good to go!

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