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How to Prevent Backfire on Motorcycle Exhausts: 4 Easy Steps
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How to Prevent Backfire on Motorcycle Exhausts: 4 Easy Steps

If you are a motorcycle lover and enthusiast then the sound of a motorcycle's exhaust is a very pleasing sound to you. But, perhaps there was a time when you experienced a backfire in the exhaust. For an unsuspecting rider this can be a jolt.  It is very important that the owners must take certain precautions because even the best motorcycle exhausts succumb to the noise issues. A breakdown in the engine mechanics of the motorcycle is obvious when backfiring occurs in the motorcycle. By having a proper understanding of the techniques and the reason behind backfiring, one can maintain and keep the motorcycle run perfectly.  

Backfiring is a very common issue that occurs either in the exhaust of the motorcycle or in the intake. This issue is caused due to the functions of exhaust funnels. Backfire occurs when there is an emission system malfunction such as the exhaust leak. Low fuel pressure, clogged filters and weak pumps are some other causes of backfire. Incomplete combustion and when the fuel is ignited by the heat of the exhaust causes loud noise.

There are many ways to stop the bike from backfiring  and some of them are as listed below.

1) Keep a Check on the Carburetor

The engine will run clean if the fuel cannot flow properly and the main cause for this is a dirty carburetor. Hence it is advised to clean the carburetor with a good and higher grade cleaner. A lean running engine will add gas pressure to the exhaust system. It is very important to keep a check on the carburetor for the proper functioning of the engine.

2) Fuel Injector Cleaner

By using a high grade cleaner one can easily remove dirt and waste that is trapped in the fuel lines . You can also have a look on the owner’s manual for use of right type of cleaner for your motorcycle. It will remove the jetsam and flotsam that are present in the fuel lines. A good injector cleaner will result in a smoother ride and preventing any backfire.

3) Keep a Check on your Jets

There can be many serious problems if the fuel does not get through the engine properly. The fuel is prevented from getting through the engine due to clogged jets with debris  Due to this the engine runs lean and the pressure is build inside the exhaust.

4) Change Fuel Grade

Low rated fuel can clogged fuel lines and as a result it will force more pressure into the exhaust system. These fuel lines can be cleaned by higher grade fuel. Besides this keep a check on the fuel tank and keep it clean.

These methods prevent exhaust backfire.  The method you should choose often depends on the model of your bike. Also, don't forget to consult with your local dealer to prevent backfire and select the method that works best for your bike.

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