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How to Find the Right Windshield for your Ride
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How to Find the Right Windshield for your Ride

One of the best things about riding your motorcycle is about exploring the outdoors. It brings a lot of excitement for the rider when the cool breeze blows on your face and through your hair. Once you start driving at a high spped of 70 mph, then the windshield is one of the most important accessories to direct your attention.  The windshield acts not only as a wind block, but also to keep bugs from your eyes and mouth.  For a better riding experience it will not only deflect the wind but also other roadside elements. 

If you don't choose the right windshield for your bike, it can impede your visibility of the road, and lessen the field of vision. Hence, it is very important to take some points into consideration in order to get the right one for your bike. In order to make this easier for you, below are some of the points to be considered when you make the selection. 

Height of the Windshield

To ride your motorcycle properly, the height of the windshield is one of the very essential factor. If the height of the windshield is too tall then it will block your vision. And if the height is too short then then it will not be able to block off wind and bugs. So select the one that provides with better visibility. It is advised to select the windshield that is above the tip of the nose when you sit on your bike with the normal riding position.

Material of the Windshield

The another factor for safety is the material that is used for the windshield. Even a small crack on it will result hitting other vehicles. The motorcycle windshields are made up of two materials: acrylic and polycarbonate. Both the materials are rigid and plastic-like materials but have some different properties. Polycarbonate is abrasion resistant and durable but turns yellow due to exposure to UV rays. Acrylic is not prone to yellowing and is less expensive. But it is  softer and  scratches very easily.

Selecting your Windshield Color and Style

There are many options available and there is a wide range selection of different windshields. Windshield profiles, heights, widths, tints and colors all vary a lot that gives you many options to be creative. Though there are many options for the tinted colors but the upper portion of the windshield should be clear that will allow the rider to have a better view of the roadway without any obstruction.

Fitted and Universal Windshields

There are many bikes that have windshield models that is fitted to them that makes it the perfect fit for the bike. But if you have modified your bike then you will have to choose it from the universal fit models which will require your creativity. It is advised to get in touch with the expert and to find the best one for your bike.

Quick Detach Mount and Permanently Installed Windshields

It is important to consider whether to opt for quick detach mounts or the one that is mounted permanently when buying windshield for your bike. The quick detach mounts allows you to remove it very  easily whenever required. If you are a rider who loves long distance rides then permanent mount is recommended.

Motorcycle Handlebars

The handlebars of the motorcycle are used for the attachment of the windshield bracket. It requires the use of bolts in which the holes are drill into the handlebars. But if you find the handlebar way to be unappropriate then you can buy a mounting kit separately to avoid drilling your handlebars.

Riding Style

The final factor in determining the windshield is through the type of riding of the rider. It will determine the level of windblast that you are comfortable with. If you are a long distance rider then the windshield that offers with maximum wind protection is best suitable. Smaller screen is sufficient for the commuters. If you are interested in both then select the one that can be changed accordingly when required.

It is very important to keep a check that windshield does not interfere with the handlebars to enjoy a smooth ride, as the windshield plays a very important role for the safety of your bike. It is important that you are riding your bike with a clear view, no matter what is the height of your windshield.

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