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How to Change your Motorcycle Engine Oil and Filter
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How to Change your Motorcycle Engine Oil and Filter

An engine which is oiled properly can be considered as a happy engine. If the oil of the motorcycle is not changed regularly then it will surely fail miserably. Though there is a particular standard assigned to change the oil after 5000 miles but it is always advised to refer the user manual as the model varies from each other. One can also take a mechanic to get the job done but why not to save the money and do it yourself. An enthusiast rider always knows to tinker every bit of the motorcycle and changing the engine oil can be considered on the top of that list. Changing the oil in a motorcycle is a key factor in prolonging the life of your motorcycle. It is advised to change the oil filter when you change the engine oil as it will avoid changing it at a different time and also keep it fresh.

What you need:

Oil filter

Sockets: Metric and Standard

Wrenches: Open ended and metric

Ratchet extension: 3”-6” in length

Oil drain pan


Needle-nose pliers

Approximately 3-5 quarts of oil (depending on your model)

Philips head screwdriver

O-ring or crush washer for oil plug


Step 1) 

Begin with removing the bodywork of your engine with the help of a toolkit which is hidden under the seat with the help of a Philip screwdriver or the Allen wrench. Keep the bolts and screws in a proper place so that you can find them easily again later. Be very careful to remove the fairings and be aware when disassembling them as some fairings are attached with small tabs.

Step 2)

With the help of needle nose pliers, remove the oil filter cap which is made of plastic with a twisted cap. Untwist the drain plug with a wrench and place a pan below the engine. The dirt oil will be released during the last few twists and be very careful where your hands are.

Step 3)

Remove the washer or aluminum disc from the drain plug and this should be replaced with every oil change. Clean the drain plug with the help of a clean rag. Now with the help of oil filter wrench remove the oil filter. The filter is found towards the side of the engine case.

Step 4)

It is good to wipe off the engine that is exposed with a clean piece of rag. Wipe the oil from the O-ring of your new filter with your fingers to seal it better. Avoid using any tool that can damage the O-ring if it is screwed tightly. Screw the new filter into the engine with the strength of your hand.

Step 5)

Now reattach the plastic mesh filter and oil drain plug after the oil is drained out. According to the owner’s manual fill the engine with oil. Take a note that the bike is level on the ground and start up the engine. Make sure that the oil is at the center by checking through the crankcase. You are done with your job!

Pamper your bike by giving it a nice wipe and take it out for a test ride. Amazing, it runs like a dream!

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