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How to Keep your Motorcycle Cables Well Lubricated
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How to Keep your Motorcycle Cables Well Lubricated

To enjoy smoother riding for the best experience, it is important to lube the cables of the bike occasionally. One of the worst parts while riding your motorcycle are the binding and sticky cables that make it very difficult to control the bike wherever they are connected. Just like any other machine, it also requires routine maintenance and if this is ignored then it will wear down and also decrease the efficiency of the bike.

It is very important to have a better understanding of the type of cables you have and to do proper research into the kind of lubricants.  It will not only keep your control cables operating smoothly but also extend their life. Control cables are of two types: Multi-stranded wire that is surrounded by a spring steel-cover and the second is the Teflon-lined. There are certain points that should be kept in the mind during lubing motorcycle cables.

Type of Cable

It is very important to know about the type of cable you have and this can be easily checked from the owner’s manual. This will let you know if the cables require lubricant or not. If they are of the oldest type that is made up of many wires and are steel style then they should be lubricated. If they are made up of latest technology which is lined with Teflon then it does not require lubricant. If such types of cables are lubricated then it might damage the cable.

Removing the Cable

When you unhook the cables, it is very important to pay proper attention to hook them again in the same manner. One can unhook the cable throttle drum or lever at the end of handlebar. In order to check any signs of damage it is important to inspect the nipple at the end of the cable wire.To prevent the nipple from binding, it is advised to give it a dab of grease. 

Brake cables

For some bikes the rear brake cable is exposed and has no outer sheath. This cables do not require much attention but one can inject the lubricant into the cable by holding the cable by hand in a vertical manner. Lubricating the front brake cable are neglected many times. But it is advised to give  proper attention for lubricating the Front and Rear brake cables.  

Lubing the Cable

The cables that are unlined should be lubricated using a pressure lubricator or a dedicated aerosol spray. A mix of WD-40 and graphite powder also works wonder for many of the motorcycles. One can also take the advice from the expert and get the best lubricant that is best suitable for the motorcycle. Once when the cable is lubricated, it is important to clean up the residual mess and reconnect all the cables.

Lubing Clutch Cable

Lubricating the clutch cables occasionally will definitely do wonders for you. All you need to do is disconnect the clutch cables and lube the cable. For some bikes the actuator lever is present inside the ignition cover, hence dumping the excess lubricant can make it messy. It is advised to wipe out the excess lubricant  and dry it.

Hydraulic Systems

The lever of the front brake of the motorcycle is connected to the hydraulic master cylinder. There are also many bikes that have hydraulic clutch actuation and the the system is also self adjusting. But though it is self adjusting, it requires inspection in timely manner. It is advised to change the fluid of the bike after every two years. Also refer the manual of the bike before proceeding as it might differ for some bikes.

Necessary Items

In order to lubricate the cable of the bike properly to enjoy a smooth ride, it requires some of the necessary components. It includes grease, a good and trusted cable luber and lint free rags. Make sure the rags or a piece of cloth that you are using is clean. The time required to complete this task is 20 to 30 minutes so be patient.

With these simple tips that are performed at least twice a year, one can save oneself from lot of issues and troubles in the future. Be smart and ride safe!

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