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Installation of a Rev Counter On Your Motorcycle in 2 Easy Steps
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Installation of a Rev Counter On Your Motorcycle in 2 Easy Steps

A tachometer or rev counter is a device that is used to tell the speed of a motorcycle engine’s revolutions per minute. Nowadays, electronic rev counters are common, the dealers who sell motorcycles install these electronic rev counters. For used motorcycle parts, rev counters come without any instruction or diagrams. In these cases, this article will come to your help as it aims to provide you with a basic guideline on how to install electronic rev counters in your motorcycle engine.

Step 1:

After removing the tachometer from the packaging, you need to locate the ground and receptor wires, try to attach the tachometer to the handlebars of your motorcycle. If your handlebars lack room for the tachometer then you can use zip ties as a temporary solution. The receptor and the ground wires should be running down the handlebars and the motorcycle frame should run down to the engine, near the place where the spark plugs connect to the cylinder head. Zip ties should be used to secure the cables to the frame in order to avoid damaging them while you ride your motorcycle.

Step 2:

The receptor wires should be wrapped tightly around one of the spark plug wires. You need to loosen a bolt near the engine. The end of the ground wire should be set underneath the head of the bolt, the bolt down on top of the wire should be tightened in order to keep it in place. After completing these tasks, get your motorcycle started and watch your tachometer thoroughly. Make sure that you are getting an accurate reading from the tachometer. Go for a test drive on your motorcycle in order to be certain about the tachometer’s working capacity and speed.

Tachometer helps the rider to gain a greater understanding of the work the engine is doing. There are many motorcycles, especially those of the cruiser variety which don't come with a standard tachometer. Keep yourself updated about the performance of your motorcycle with the installation of a digital tachometer to your motorcycle.

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