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It’s a Dog’s Life In Biking Pleasure
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It’s a Dog’s Life In Biking Pleasure

Man’s best friend, the dog, has always been one of the most favorite pets in the world. Many people go completely crazy when they see a cute dog coming their way, even if it doesn’t belong to them. The reasons for this love are many, but a big part of it is the fact that dogs are some of the most loyal animals to keep as pets.

But according to many people, the life of a dog that is kept at home most of the time is not fulfilling enough for the animal. Dogs love to run about and feel free. While a weekly visit to a dog park is good, your dog probably could use more excitement in its life than that.

Finding Adventures in Small Things

A lot of people might have seen a dog sticking its head out of a moving car. This is one of the things that dogs do in order to feel more in contact with the world. There are many reasons for this behavior, however. Dogs like to see what’s around them. They are inherently curious animals, and sticking their heads out of the car window allows them to discover new sights and smells. They also love to feel the wind, which is another reason for this behavior.

Meet Ollie, the Dog who Rides a Bike

As if to silence those people who say that dogs kept as pets don’t get to experience exciting stuff, the owners of a 5-year-old French bulldog decided to take him out with them whenever they would go riding on their motorcycles. The owners, Julian and Gladyz Montoya are avid bikers, and have been riding for over 40 years.

Knowing that they were a big part of their dog’s life, the couple hated whenever they had to leave Ollie behind. But they came up with the perfect solution; why not turn the dog into a biker as well?

Ollie on the Road

The couple built an attachment for their Harley that would be Ollie’s seat on their weekend biking trips. The set-up is lined with fleece on the inside so that the space is warm and cozy for the dog. It also has a strap to keep Ollie secure in his seat. The strap ensures security while allowing Ollie to move about freely and easily. He can even rest inside the carrier if he wants, but he usually enjoys taking in the views too much to lie down.

A Gradual Introduction to Biking

If you’re thinking that a sudden motorcycling trip would be too jarring for a pet dog, you would be right. The couple knew this as well, and they made sure that Ollie wasn’t afraid of riding on the bike before going out on actual trips with him. They would put Ollie in his carrier and take a slow ride down their street every weekend. Slowly, they increased the time of these test rides until they were sure that Ollie was used to the idea of it.

Ollie is photographed by people wherever he goes. The couple says that their dog was born to ride, and we’re sure that their dog’s life is much more exciting now than it was ever before.

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