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Jeans Meant to Ride In
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Jeans Meant to Ride In

An exciting new brand of jeans has been invented specifically for motorcycle riders. Known as Gravitate Jeans, the idea for the brand was developed in the mind of Dayton, Ohio-born biking enthusiast Margaret Meyer. After countless rides with her husband Bruce, Meyer envisioned a new type of jeans, designed exclusively for the comfort and style of modern bikers. After a long journey and several obstacles to overcome, the popularity of the brand is now surging and any bikers out there should definitely take a look at the products available under the Gravitate Jeans name.

The first seeds of the idea were planted in 2005 when Meyer was struck with inspiration while out on a ride with her husband. She asked herself why jeans weren’t being designed with the comfort of bikers in mind and, over the years that followed, she just couldn’t abandon the idea. In 2007, she went as far as developing some prototypes, sharing them with other biking enthusiasts and collating feedback to improve her designs. Over time, the word began to spread and small orders were being created and shipped out. However, an unforeseen disaster would put a temporary end to Meyer’s dreams when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Fortunately, Meyer survived and finished her cancer treatment in 2010 but had been forced to endure a long time away from her project. In spite of this hardship, Meyer had the courage and resilience to push on, elements that are evident in the products she creates to this day. She went on to trademark her brand name “Gravitate” and even developed a slogan to suit her style: “Freedom to Ride”. Meyer created almost every element of the business by herself, including the company’s attractive logo.

Meyer and her husband even went as far as applying for the popular “Shark Tank” show, in which wealthy investors provide funds for inventors and entrepreneurs. However, the “Gravitate Jeans” idea was allegedly not an attractive enough proposition for the show. Once again, these rejections did not stop Meyer who managed to secure an official meeting with a recognized jean company in 2012. Unfortunately, once again the answer was “no” as the couple hadn’t been able to secure a patent for their products. Still Meyer pushed on and finally received the coveted patent in the middle of 2014 and secured a partnership with the aforementioned manufacturer.

Now, the brand is being promoted at various biking events and countless new customers are making purchases in-person and online, but Meyer won’t be stopping there. She and Bruce want to develop the brand even further, adding new products and expanding the Gravitate catalogue to break into new industries. In the short-term, the couple’s focus is on getting their products into as many stores as possible and spreading the word. After a tough journey, Meyer is well on her way to success and jeans sporting the Gravitate name are allegedly some of the most comfortable and stylish on the market.

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