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Kawasaki Z300: A Stylishly Agile Bike
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Kawasaki Z300: A Stylishly Agile Bike

The Kawasaki Z300 lacks pure peak power from just its appearance. It is also true for its engine and performance as well. However, this is the first bike in its category to resemble its more powerful siblings. It is like a scaled down version of its siblings upon close observation. The Z300 definitely has the feel of a powerful bike. With the creation of the Z300, Kawasaki has proven its point that pure power is not everything in a bike. An all-rounder bike needs to have style, build quality, and road presence. Performance wise, the Z300 is not too shabby either. It is just enough to power this bike through the streets at an above average velocity.

The Z300 puts up an awesome facade, fooling even the best rider. It has the stance and looks that convince riders that it is a high-revving bike. Riders that are looking for some fun time and adventure with a smaller capacity machine should highly consider the Z300. The Z300 is not all just about its appearance and facade. It also portrays practicality. The Z300 has an excellent riding position. It is created just at the right level to dish out maximum riding experience. Riders can ride for hours and still feel comfortable enough to continue riding without any back aches. Apart from that, Kawasaki has also made the Z300’s broad tank even broader with its stylish shoulder-pad side fairings and power-dressing. This design allows lower-body protection from the wind during a cruise at motorway speeds. At a standstill, the broad tank, fairings, and power-dressing makes the Z300 feels heavy and pendulous.

The Z300 is equipped with the lightest brake system ever fitted into a bike. The brake system takes up a record-breaking 2 kilograms out of the total weight of the Z300 which is 170 kilograms. The Z300 front caliper is pretty strong for daily use and hard braking is possible with a responsive reaction from the bike’s fork. These features enable the Z300 to move from town to town with agility, power, and style.




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