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Kawasaki’s RIDEOLOGY: Building Bikes Tailored Just For You
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Kawasaki’s RIDEOLOGY: Building Bikes Tailored Just For You

In the era of personalization, data and artificial intelligence (AI), it was bound to happen. Kawasaki has announced plans to develop a new generation of motorcycles that will be more in tune with the rider’s style and emotions. The bikes are a result of Kawasaki’s RIDEOLOGY philosophy. RIDEOLOGY is Kawasaki’s ambitious goal to go beyond the mechanics of bikes and focus on the emotive attributes of the biker experience as well.

Kawasaki is developing its Natural Language Dialogue system on an AI platform developed by cocoro SB Corp. In the artificial intelligence industry, natural language processing refers to an AI’s ability to interpret regular human conversations that could easily be confusing to computers. This means that the Kawasaki bikes will be able to know what a phrase like “time to hit the road” means, a regular computer will assume you plan to fight the road. The AI will also be able to interpret emotions from the sound of the rider’s voice and converse accordingly.

A key feature of AI tech is that it should learn from each conversation. So, in the end, your bike would know your language, terms of reference, and preferences and respond accordingly. Kawasaki says this will create a unique personality for each bike. The bikes will also gather information from built-in sensors and cameras. This data and the conversations will be processed to create a riding experience that will not only fit the rider, but also the rider’s emotions. Kawasaki believes this will create a closer, safer, more intimate bond between rider and bike.

With all these features, Kawasaki envisions a fluid relationship between bike and rider. For example, after telling the bike your destination, it can advise you on the weather. Also, if there are news reports of a road block on your regular route, your bike can plan an alternate route. It would also be more interesting if your bike could conversationally express what is wrong with it, rather than having to figure it out yourself.

It shouldn’t take too much effort to connect your bike to your smart watch, then you can casually whisper instructions to your wrist and live out that Knight Rider fantasy!


Image: Kawasaki

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